You can read about Goddesses everywhere. A trendy hype? A new eso-wave? No. Because the so-called Goddesses have always symbolized different aspects of the female soul. And all the Goddesses together (Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Hestia, Hera and Persephone) represent the whole image of your soul.

We all have more or less characteristics of one, or the other, Goddess in us: maybe a little bit of Aphrodite (beauty and love)? Maybe a bit more of Hera (marriage and family)? Maybe a bit less of Artemis (independence and self-determination)? And this can change in the course of our lives.


If you want to get to know yourself better, the aspects of the Goddesses, and the appropriate inner images (archetypes) can help you. Every Goddess reflects the different lights and shadows inside every woman. And they represent you as an individual ‘Goddess’.

Be careful that you do not slip into judgements or clichés when you think about the Goddess-aspects of Aphrodite in you. My advice should only serve as a suggestion.


Women with particularly typical Aphrodite aspects: Marilyn Monroe – Grace Kelly – Cindy Crawford – Penélope Cruz – Scarlett Johansson – ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ (‘Sex and the City’)

Typical topics of the Aphrodite-woman: joy – love – beauty – sexuality – sensuality – coquetry – the pretty, little girl – Daddy’s darling – secret lover – erotic – seduce – opulent jewellery – female rivalry – falling in love – creativity; but also: dolly – cuteness – not wanting to grow up – competing with one’s own mother – femme fatale

Typical for Aphrodite woman: beautiful clothes – girlish charm – dressed up by parents / or being particularly strictly treated – free love – changing partners – afraid of partnerships – preferring sex to love – strong self-confidence – sense for aesthetics – variety – intense life – artist – passion – envied/feared by women – big social circle – parties – being the centre of attention – spontaneity – love for children (preferably the ones of other mothers) – grace – vitality

Shadows: conflict between sexual and long-lasting relationships – being impressed/blinded by externals – identification through externals – sexual dependencies – problems with growing older

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