Maybe you sometimes stand in the way of yourself and your own success because your expectations are too high. Or you are too strict with yourself – or you are too scared of failing.

Whereas one group of women is motivated by failures because they are convinced of themselves and their ideas, there is another group that gives up hastily and despondently. The reasons may be various, such as

  • fear of disappointing oneself and others,
  • feeling inadequate, too weak or too incapable,
  • only accepting absolute success, no partial success,
  • not coping with any further defeats,
  • being convinced of not deserving success,
  • not feeling loveable due to failure.

Therefore, it is important to question where your fears come from. Only then can you effectively weaken their power over you.

What do success and failure, victory and defeat, or passing and failing remind you of? Exactly! Your own childhood and school time!

Already, as a little girl, you were rewarded or criticized, depending on your performance. Therefore, fear of failure is an acquired behaviour pattern which you should desperately get rid of. It is a very one-sided judgement which forgets that there are so many other aspects and qualities within you and your life that make you loveable, valuable and unique. And they are not linked to success.


  • see your failures as chances for learning and developing,
  • recognize and transform your fear of failure,
  • follow your aims and wishes, even if they are not yet attainable, and
  • remain faithful to yourself!

And, above all – do not remain lying on the ground after a defeat! Because as the saying goes: falling over – standing up – straightening the crown, and going on!


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