“There is an intelligence involved in this interdimensional process, which speaks to the exact cells that it deems important to address – completely different frome traditional medicine.”


There is a term, which I personally like very much: Quantum intelligence. I first read this word in KRYON. [1]

The Definition: “Quantum intelligence means that we are all connected to God. Everyone! Instead of putting a certain chemical substance or a protein in the crosshairs, this seemingly mystical process works all by itself … Quantum intelligence is the elongated arm of cosmic intelligence, which knows everything about the structure of cells and the balance of totality … Quantum intelligence will search for the areas of your body that need it.”

Well, we are living during one of the greatest upheavals that mankind has experienced since its beginning. As was described in the first chapter, we find ourselves (and with us, everything that exists on our planet earth) in a major transformational process, which will question everything that has until now, represented our world view, our truth and our reality. And this process does not stop for anything, not even for the subject of illness.

During the 1980s and 1990s one of the most revolutionary insights was that all or at least most illnesses or accidents resulted from problems that existed on the emotional-mental level. Dr. Ruediger Dahlke, Louise L. Hay and a few other leading authors attempted to raise their readers’ awareness of this.

Also the time of “Bach flowers” had finally come, even though they were already developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. Similarly to homeopathy, “like is healed (or balanced) by like” or in other words, the subtle energy frequencies of the flowers restore the missing harmonious basic frequency, which resulted from an imbalance.

Only now, in the past two decades, has the scientific community begun to accept that there is a connection between the development of an illness and repressed or unresolved events or emotions.

Even though most scientists have not arrived at quantum intelligence yet … at least we are on the way towards it!

[1] Carroll, Lee: Kryon. Lifting the Veil.

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