You can split exhaustion and burn-out of highly sensitive people into four different areas:

the physical

the emotional

the social and

the intellectual area.


Many highly sensitive people know this because their bodies are exhausted more quickly than those of normally sensitive people. They are more likely to be in stress situations, and therefore, release adrenaline and cortisol more often (or constantly). On the subtle level, the body-energy-system can find support through the vibrations of the ANGEL AURA ESSENCE ARCHANGEL URIEL.


It often happens to highly sensitive people when they feel an emotional lack of interest in certain situations in life or actions because they seem too tiresome or difficult. Highly sensitive people often doubt themselves, and increasingly lose interest in committing themselves to certain things, or getting emotionally involved. On the subtle level the ANGEL AURA ESSENCE ARCHANGEL GABRIEL is suitable as spiritual support during emotional burn-out.


This is often rooted in frustration based on interpersonal relationships. It is not necessarily about problems between the highly sensitive person and his social environment. The mere fact that he often feels not understood, excluded or rejected is enough. The more experiences of that sort highly sensitive people have to make, the more likely are they to suffer from loss of energy, which often leads to a retreat from the outside world. In this case I recommend the ANGEL AURA ESSENCE ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL.


Intellectual burn-out becomes noticeable when one’s performance decreases. Whereas physical, emotional and social burn-out can be suppressed by most highly-sensitive people for some time, intellectual burn-out definitely shows them their limits, and makes them think they have to change something in their lives. In this case the MASTER AURA ESSENCE ST. GERMAIN can be a wonderful support on the subtle level.


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