“What other people think about me is none of my business.” This quote from Wayne Dyer should remind us not to question ourselves so often. This is even more important for highly sensitive people. By being different, they are often subject to criticism, and rejection by their environment. Therefore, for them, it is all the more important to be true to themselves, go their own way, and trust their inner voice unconditionally.

Adaptation, at any price, can not only be painful for highly sensitive people, but may unnecessarily cost them a lot of energy and quality of life. After careful consideration as to why they are so sensitive – namely because they should bring new qualities into our world and our society – then we understand that adapting to the mainstream is exactly the opposite of their life plan.


Therefore, my dear highly sensitive people: stay authentic and be proud of your special mission which brought you here on earth! If anything should really change for the better here, it needs a great deal of sensitivity, delicacy, patience, and love.

Remain true to yourself! And if you need any support, then connect with the energies of your HIGHER SELF! My energetic Aura Essence may help you.

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