Also yesterday the seminar participants started their day with an abundant breakfast on the hotel terrace directly above the beach. Then we went up to our seminar room – which has a beautiful view over the ocean – and intensively “worked” on the healing of our inner child with the help of the energized symbols and essences. Today family constellations took the center stage, which we performed with blocks of wood. A lot got to be realized, delivered and consigned to healing. The symbols not only revealed tender subjects, but they also operated energetically by means of the morphogenetic field and transformed old and sometimes unconscious blockages.

Since experience has shown that this kind of work is very profound, I always have very experienced therapists with me in my seminars. Lutz Mück is always there for the group, whenever too strong emotions should surface. If requested, he also continues to work with the participants individually in single sessions at the end of the seminar day, in case the issue that has come up in the seminar should need further attention.

At lunch time and at the evening we always relax, either by going on a beach stroll, by going to the restaurant, by going swimming (if the sea is not too cold) or by a cozy get-together with the group. Yesterday after the seminar we were visited by Beate Gliedt (spiritual education), Ines Hupfeld (spiritual nanny), Sandra Puhl (spiritual midwife) and Lilly Wong (spiritual healing of femininity), who exchanged views with some women of our group who work in similar fields. And today our excursion is on the agenda. The weather seems to be perfect – so let’s take pot luck and see what the day has ready for us!

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