A wonderful week draws to a close

Day 6 of our spiritual holiday seminar week on Majorca: During the last two days the participants kept working hard on the healing of their inner child. By means of exercises, meditations and channelings and with the aid of the symbol cards and the Aura Essences profound transformation processes took place in a short space of time. During leisure time enjoyment, relaxation and a lot of fun were on the agenda.

Tonight we are going to deepen and cement the changes that have taken place in this week in the course of a final ritual. The bottom line of a participant is, “This few days have been more helpful than years of conversational therapy.” Tomorrow we are going to conclude our week with an excursion to the Majorcan capital Palma. I am already looking forward to the next holiday seminar, which probably will take place in Tuscany…

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A walk along the beach

Our seminar week „Heal your Inner Child“ is very intense and many participants avail themselves of the opportunity to continue working on their issues with Lutz Mück in single sessions in the evenings. By this means many old blockages and emotional injuries from childhood can be healed in this week. Therefore, it is important to have a day of recreation in-between the seminar days. We used yesterday’s forenoon to go on a beach stroll, some of us even went swimming in the still quite cold water.

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Family Constellations with Symbol Cards

Also yesterday the seminar participants started their day with an abundant breakfast on the hotel terrace directly above the beach. Then we went up to our seminar room – which has a beautiful view over the ocean – and intensively “worked” on the healing of our inner child with the help of the energized symbols and essences. Today family constellations took the center stage, which we performed with blocks of wood. A lot got to be realized, delivered and consigned to healing. The symbols not only revealed tender subjects, but they also operated energetically by means of the morphogenetic field and transformed old and sometimes unconscious blockages.

Since experience has shown that this kind of work is very profound, I always have very experienced therapists with me in my seminars. Lutz Mück is always there for the group, whenever too strong emotions should surface. If requested, he also continues to work with the participants individually in single sessions at the end of the seminar day, in case the issue that has come up in the seminar should need further attention.

At lunch time and at the evening we always relax, either by going on a beach stroll, by going to the restaurant, by going swimming (if the sea is not too cold) or by a cozy get-together with the group. Yesterday after the seminar we were visited by Beate Gliedt (spiritual education), Ines Hupfeld (spiritual nanny), Sandra Puhl (spiritual midwife) and Lilly Wong (spiritual healing of femininity), who exchanged views with some women of our group who work in similar fields. And today our excursion is on the agenda. The weather seems to be perfect – so let’s take pot luck and see what the day has ready for us!

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The seminar week has begun

I have been looking forward to this and now the time has finally come. Today was the official beginning of our seminar week in the southeast of Majorca, in the small bay of Santanyí. Our mutual days are going to be spent under the guidance of the Ascended Master Sarah Tamar, the daughter of Mary Magdalene and Easa/Jesus. The main focus of this self-awareness seminar, in the course of which we are going to work with the energized symbols of Mary Magdalene and her companions, is going to be on the healing of the inner child, and all participants are aware of the fact that the following days are going to be very intense. In the inaugural meditation I got to transmit live channeled messages from Sarah Tamar, Mary, Mary Magdalene and Joseph to the group. I am already looking forward to tomorrow and I am anxious to know what the next few days will bring.

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Viva Mallorca!

It has already got about that Majorca has been my second (?) home for some years now. However, it took me uncommonly long to set my foot on this island. But already during my first stay, I lost my heart to this exceptional beauty of the Mediterranean. The island offers sandy bays, rocky shores, placid lines of hills, rugged rock formations, olive groves, valleys of oranges and lemons, almond blossoms, turquoise water, art and culture… What more could a heart desire!?

Thus it did not take me long to conceive the desire to hold my holiday and self-awareness seminars on this very island. No sooner said than done! A beautiful place was found soon and thus it is that the seminar week already takes place for the sixth time in the southeast of the island. Saturday is the big day! I am going to tell of my experiences regularly!

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Our seminar hotel in the bay of Santanyí

Which amenities does a hotel need to offer so that a seminar group may feel comfortable there for a whole week? And what’s more: Where do you find such a hotel? This question posed itself to me a few years ago, namely when I began to make plans for the first holiday seminar.

The hotel should be situated directly at the beach, off the beaten tourist track, it should have a good infrastructure and should not be too expensive. Additionally, it should possess a nice seminar room (with ocean view)… The hotel Cala Santanyí in the southwest of Majorca meets all those criteria, which is why we are already spending our seminar week for the sixth time there.

For some of the seminar participants this already feels a little bit like “coming home”, since they attend the holiday seminar every year. Now I have to pack my suitcase, because my plane is going to take off in a few hours.

Majorca – We’re coming!

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