Which amenities does a hotel need to offer so that a seminar group may feel comfortable there for a whole week? And what’s more: Where do you find such a hotel? This question posed itself to me a few years ago, namely when I began to make plans for the first holiday seminar.

The hotel should be situated directly at the beach, off the beaten tourist track, it should have a good infrastructure and should not be too expensive. Additionally, it should possess a nice seminar room (with ocean view)… The hotel Cala Santanyí in the southwest of Majorca meets all those criteria, which is why we are already spending our seminar week for the sixth time there.

For some of the seminar participants this already feels a little bit like “coming home”, since they attend the holiday seminar every year. Now I have to pack my suitcase, because my plane is going to take off in a few hours.

Majorca – We’re coming!

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