“In former times traditional roles between men and women, children and parents, between rulers and subordinates were clearly defined. Everybody knew their place and what their roles were which they were born into. And most of them just accepted it as fate. But you know now that you are at the beginning of a great transformation process. The old learning experiences which were useful for many generations’ developments, steadily lose their importance. Some of you call the old outlived traditions ‘old energies’, making your lives tough and troublesome. Others, however, rigidly stick to them, as they provide them with (apparent) stability and structure. Both views are right and wrong at the same time! You have to decide yourself if these roles serve you or prevent you from being authentic. You have to decide yourself whether these roles can be altered so that they correspond with the energies and demands of our times. A big challenge lies ahead, accept it!” Mary Magdalene © transmitted through Ingrid Auer, 2014

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