We women are often accused of being all feminists or women’s libbers, just because we have clearly professed ourselves to our femininity in recent years. Yes, we live being a woman more consciously than before, and we are just about dealing with and healing the female collective injuries of the last thousand years.

But also we women are not sure what we exactly mean by femininity, feminism and emancipation.


For me femininity has definitely to do with this female primal force which is inside us, and which we can only experience and feel with the heart. Femininity is not controlled by the brain or mind, it simply exists. Some call it the divine feminine in every woman.

Femininity has got a lot to do with inner wisdom, with female power and strength, and does not have to be trained. However, it was suppressed by our patriarchal society for centuries, so that it has to be revived again. Because we women are not always aware how strongly we are still influenced by male behaviour patterns. It is not really surprising, as many women have to survive in a patriarchal environment every day.


Swiss women did not get the right to vote until March 1971. They had to fight hard for it. And it took 19 more years that the voting rights for women were granted in all the cantons! So it really needed loads of feminist fighting spirit to enforce these fundamental rights for the female population as well.

Already in the 18th and 19th century some women knew that they had to fight for acceptance and equal rights in society. And since then feminism and emancipation – liberation from oppression – have gone hand in hand to stand up for the dignity and self-determination of women.


Whereas femininity comes from the heart, feminism is guided by the brain. Basically both are good because in order to survive we need the heart just as much as the brain. But shouldn’t we increasingly transform this intellectually-shaped fighting spirit into female wisdom, female strength and serenity.

Is it not true that we should remember the amazing female primal force within ourselves.


Do we really have to fight for our rights in the traditional, male dominated way? Or should we rather focus on women’s inner realignment, and the rediscovery of femininity which goes with it? Are these not much more effective, authentic and powerful than any fight?

As long as we women stick to our male-dominated behaviour patterns, as long as we do not focus on our true femininity, as long as we see the fight for equality as the only chance to prevail and assert ourselves, we are only paying lip service to femininity.


Fortunately, we can notice a collective remembering of our female primal force all over the world, although it is partly overlapped by feminist characteristics. Many women are on the way to healing their own and collective injuries.

In these times of great transformation that we live in, an increasing number of women recognize that we do not need the struggle, but women’s wisdom, power and strength to balance the male and female in the world, and therefore trigger off a positive realignment.

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