How do you feel at a party amongst pushing people and loud music? You do not go to such events in the first place? You avoid crowds, energies that burden you, screaming and noise? Is it possible that you are highly sensitive, too?

70 % of highly sensitive people are introvert, and anything but party animals

According to a study 70 % of highly sensitive people avoid parties, or other social events where it could get crowded. Intuitively they feel the ‘dense’ energies of others, and try to avoid them.

Also loud party music, bright lights, the blaring noise in a pub or bar, or booming bass sounds physically hurt them. It makes them feel uneasy if someone offends them, tries to question them, or interferes within their private sphere. Therefore, they prefer to avoid large scale social events of this sort.

Maybe you have experienced that

  • you feel unwell and isolated in crowds
  • you do not like to approach people you do not know, or start conversation
  • you find small talk more draining than profound conversation
  • you prefer listening rather than taking part in a conversation
  • you feel best close to the exit at a cinema, at a concert, or in large rooms
  • you enjoy being on stage as a creative, artistic person but like to retreat quickly after the event
  • you find the ringing of telephones, and telephone conversations, annoying
  • you prefer working on your own than in a team
  • you keep looking to retreat into nature.

Then how do you get to know new people?

As a highly sensitive person, it is probably very important for you to surround yourself and connect with deeper people who have an honest desire for true feelings, and like to communicate on a higher level.

It might be too tedious or difficult for you to get to know new people because too often you have experienced rejection or boredom.

Where would YOU preferably like to spend your free time? At an art exhibition, a retreat, a yoga weekend, a hiking tour, a beautiful concert, an interesting talk, among other people who are concerned about nature and environmental protection, at places with high energy, riding somewhere, … this is where you will meet new people who feel like you. Do not lose heart!


If you need help for self-help think of my high vibrating Angel Aura Essence ENERGETIC BOUNDARY. It works  on the subtle-spiritual body and helps to protect against energy losses, which are the result of daily interactions with other people. The angel energy builds up an energetic boundary, also helps with burnout, or energy leaks in the aura, in the chakras, and in a person’s subtle, non-physical field.



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