The American psychologist Jean Shinoda Bolen was one of the first who connected the different female soul aspects with the Greek Goddesses. As every Goddess represents certain female characteristics – the light and shadow in every woman – it can become very informative for us women to deal with the female Goddesses-aspects. Particularly at times when we want to get to know ourselves better.

If you want to find out more about yourself, the aspects of the Goddesses and the appropriate soul images (archetypes) can help you. If you unite all your Goddess aspects in your very personal way, then others will perceive you as the unique woman and ‘Goddess’ who you really are. It is important to recognize and deal with your shadows as well as your light aspects.

Be careful that you do not slip into judgements or clichés when you think about the Goddess-aspects of Artemis in you. My advice should only serve as a suggestion.


Women with particularly typical Artemis aspects: Angelina Jolie (as Goodwill Ambassador for refugees) – Jean of Arc (French freedom fighter) – Florence Nightingale (founder of nursing care) – Berta Cáceres (human rights’ and environmental activist) – Gloria Steinem (feminist and fighter for women’s rights) – Hildegard of Bingen (universal scholar) – Maria Montessori (doctor and pedagogic reformist) – Simone de Beauvoir (feminist writer) – Dian Fossey (zoologist and behaviourist)

Typical topics/roles of the Artemis-woman: being single/waiving partnership – independence (of men) – project leaders – environmental activist – dominant role of work – strong self-awareness – urge for travelling and discovering – ability to perform – high competence in what she is doing – social engagement – lesbian – older sister – feminist – female buddy

Typical for Artemis woman: boyish – single – brave – self-determined – targeted – independent – no or rare relationships with a man (and if, then rather sisterly) – competitive – performance oriented – defending oneself – helping abused women – nature-oriented – scientist – traveller (not fixed to a home)

Shadows: ruthlessness – despising vulnerability – remoteness – coldness – potential for anger – rejecting – hurtful

In one of my next blogs I will introduce you to the Goddess-aspects of Demeter.


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