The name Sebastopol sounded Russian to me, and thus I was pretty astonished that the town is actually situated in Northern California. This small town, which became popular as the “world capital” of the “Gravensteiner” apple variety and is situated not far from a picturesque Pacific coast, the ancient Redwood forests (the trees are about 1400 years old) as well as the famous wine regions Sonoma and Napa, is the home town of my friend Diane Marie Fry. I met her at the KRYON conference in Mt. Shasta last year, and we have been in close contact ever since.

It was a great wish of Diane’s that I visit her and hold workshops for her and her friends and acquaintances. She herself has acquired great knowledge about the Angel and Master Essences and Symbols in a very short time and made practical use of it. In my mind, she and her friends are pioneering women, who have devoted themselves to alternative lifestyles and educational models for decades, and therefore it comes as no surprise that they are also very open-minded about “my” Spiritual Education.

On two evenings, I got to familiarise them with my work, and I was particulary pleased about the fact that they immediatley got the gist of it. In a very familiar atmosphere, we have laid the foundation of an expandable cooperation.

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