“Sooner or later it affects us all! We are caught in a crisis! We can’t feel ourselves any more, do not know any longer whether we can trust ourselves, our family, our friends and relations. The crisis can be presented as separation, burnout, illness, etc. We get stuck in a dead end. The situation seems hopeless.

If we are caught in a life crisis, we look for help, clutching at any straw. When I was looking for help, to come closer to myself, I bumped into Ingrid Auer and her angel symbols and essences! Although I have to admit that I was extremely sceptical to start with, my curiosity won, and I opened up for the strange world of the angels. It felt like crossing a bridge. From my world into the world of energies. And it felt good, very good indeed! The symbol cards taught me to reflect. I started to ‘play’ with them, laying protection circles; I started to write, to question, getting clear thoughts; I started to take time for myself. Very simple. It was an amazing process.

Eventually I noticed, that after I had decided to cross my mental threshold, I built a bridge to my soul, my innermost core, my essence. I reached the part which we women tend to suppress. We have forgotten to listen to our inner voice, we are permanently available for our children and partner. And for our work, … we are stressed and do not have enough breaks. We slowly get lost in everyday life.

I learnt a lot about myself and the people around me. I learnt about programme one and two (1), as Ingrid calls them, and the advantage of looking up to a higher level, and at the same time, being at home on both levels. Her symbols and essences accompany me through my daily life, sometimes more and sometimes less. They support, help and transform in a wonderful way. Lovingly and in my own rhythm.

I am full of passion and very grateful that Ingrid and the angels have been accompanying me since 2009.”

Christine Poignie

Mother of three children, self-employed, Mallorca

  (1) Programme one and two: the physical, logical, material level and the mental, metaphysical, spiritual level

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Mirror, mirror on the wall. A Message of Master Hilarion

“Greetings, I am Master Hilarion. How many of you get angry with other people on a daily basis: with those who run their country, govern their economy, or decide on what is wrong and right over other people’s heads? But they also get angry with people they know personally, because they are part of their private life.

How many of you bother themselves about other people’s personal matters and interfere in them? They know where others go wrong and what they could do better, despite the fact that their time would be fully engaged if they dealt with their own issues instead of trying to fix other people.

And yet you know very well that other people together with their shortcomings are merely your mirrors. You do not meet somebody who annoys you by accident. No, his or her behaviour always contains an important message for yourselves as well. Instead of being vexed with the other person, you should feel into yourselves and find out WHY he or she could trigger such strong emotions in you in the first place. And HOW he or she could elicit such a strong resonance in you?

As soon as you have realised which idiosyncrasy or which kind of behaviour of the other person incenses you most, you will know what you should explore in yourselves. And instead of trying to change others, you had better start changing yourselves. Perhaps you just need more tolerance and broad-mindedness or more inner peace and serenity to be able to allow others to be the way they want to be.

Be aware of the fact that those people who contain a hidden message or indication of your own weaknesses will run across you again and again until you have penetrated their meaning and dealt with them. This is why you should be grateful for other people’s shortcomings, because they yield information on what your next developmental steps should be. Make those steps with love and not with self-condemnation; that is another important advice for you. Be greeted, I am Master Hilarion!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


“You have no idea how powerful you are!” A Message from Archangel Haniel

“Greetings dear ones, I am Archangel Haniel! In everyday life, you humans are not conscious of how powerful your thoughts are. And not only your thoughts, but also your words and your patterns of belief are very powerful. You must not conceive of yourself as mere humans made of flesh and blood, but beings with a consciousness whose energetic ramifications are not to be underestimated.

Moreover, powerful energy fields, which some highly sensitive people are able to sense as aura field and Merkabah, are stored inside you. This is why I would like to remind you to consider the following important aspects:

Everything you think and believe to be true remains energetically stored inside you. If your thoughts could be represented as colours, then – symbolically speaking – your positive thoughts would, for instance, be blue, while your negative thoughts would be red. The more negative thoughts you have, the redder your energy field becomes. The more dissatisfied or aggressive you are, the more the colour red builds up in your energy field. But it also works the other way around: The more positive thoughts and feelings you have, the more love you carry within you, the more entrenched the colour blue will become inside you and spread in your energy field.

Everything you take in mentally, emotionally and energetically on a daily basis intensifies your vibration and your energetic field. It is probably redundant to tell you which colour most world news, war reports or horror movies have, or which colour is concerned when you meditate and practice mental hygiene, respectively.

You are part of a big and very complex system, which you call human life. You have come to this world equipped with free will, which most of you are allowed to exert. So, how about you consciously and voluntarily focus on the positive aspects of life? How about you make yourself realise that every resentment you feel for others automatically also creates negative energies inside yourself? That every rejection and every outcry against the negative excesses of society and politics effects something negative in your energy field so long as you do not bring about change on your inside?

Everything is connected to everything, and everybody is connected to everybody. Even if this might be difficult for you to imagine. Do not reduce yourselves to the physical, because you are much more than what natural scientists would like you to believe. Your energies are entwined and have been like this long before you came into this world.

If you let yourselves be dragged down by negative events, this downward movement will also affect your energy. If, however, you align yourselves in a positive direction, you will also pull up your energy field.

Therefore, before you join in the complaints and railings of the people around you, think about which direction of energy you intensify by doing so. It is on you to influence the collective events. The power to do so lies in your hearts!”

A Message of Archangel HANIEL © transmitted by Ingrid Auer www.ingridauer.us


Let’s go to Mexico!

Today we are flying from Los Angeles to Mexico! This will be my first visit to this country. And I am already feeling a thrill of anticipation because I know for a fact that I am already expected there and that many angel enthusiasts are going to attend my events.

When I met Lilly Wong in Majorca five years ago, neither of us suspected that this encounter was going to develop into a cordial friendship. Lilly – a native of Mexico – received training as an “Angel Symbol Practitioner” by me before she spread her wings in order to bring my spiritual tools to the people in Spain and Mexico.

Afterwards she took yet another big leap and brought her “Light Language” in the form of “Sacred Codes” from heaven to Earth. Moreover, she dances in front of international crowds and by doing so not only transforms the prevalent energies, but also the audience’s awareness. And she does so many other things (listen to my Radio Talk with Lilly about Goddesses last year).

Why am I telling you this in such detail? Because I am very grateful to Lilly for being the one who paved the way for my work in Mexico. She has trained whole groups of people in using my symbols and essences and accompanied them on their path of spiritual growth.

So, tomorrow is the day, and I am eventually able to meet those people with whom I have already been connected for some time across thousands of kilometres by means of my heavenly tools. I am extremely glad!!!

PS: You can see Lilly in the picture right behind me, followed by Mara Pacheco (Mexico City) and Liliana Basauri (Oaxaca).



Mexico Spirituality & Journeys

How an ant gradually becomes a ladybird

Biologically speaking, an ant can never become a ladybird, but metaphorically speaking it can. One and a half years ago, I felt like a small, insignificant ant here in America, which crawled over the continent always asking itself, “What are you doing here? Are you sure that someone will show an interest in you and your work?”

Admittedly, those doubts also surfaced from time to time in the past few months, but on this trip, which is coming to an end tomorrow, I had the feeling for the first time that I have gradually left the ant stage and am developing into a ladybird. I owe this circumstance to some of my friends; one of them I would like to mention in particular today, namely Dr Muffit Jensen from Burbank.

The chemistry between us was right from the beginning, and we resemble each other in many ways. We both like it straightforward and “unfussy”, organisational matters are dealt with quickly and without much ado, and we are connected very closely with each other via the angels and Ascended Masters. For example, she organised a workshop for me as well as 18 single sessions with her clients. This gave and gives me the opportunity to establish myself here in Los Angeles and to strengthen her patients’ trust in me and my work.

And last but not least, I would like to mention all the other Californian companions who organised events for me in the past three weeks and thus enabled me to approach many people whose paths would not have crossed mine without their support. I already mentioned them in my previous blog entries.

Therefore, I look back on three intense and wonderful weeks with satisfaction and happiness, accompanied by my husband Gerd, without whose support I probably would not undertake my far and strenuous journeys. On a higher plane, we all follow the plan we agreed to before our incarnation, namely opening people’s eyes to the spiritual world. From now on as a ladybird and not as an ant anymore 😉 .


The Children of the New Age have grown up

The book “The Indigo Children” by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober has raised millions of people’s awareness for the so-called Children of the New Age and opened their eyes about this growing generation. While it was little known until then that many young people have very special spiritual abilities and needs, many of them are now at an age where they have a determining influence on the shaping of our society.

This week in San Diego, I had the opportunity to spend an evening with a group of “grown up Indigo children” in order to familiarise them with my spiritual tools and channel some messages from Mary Magdalene, other Ascended Masters and archangels for them. Of course, there were also some “older people” among the group, but it was very nice to observe how playfully especially the younger ones were able to switch between the earthly and the spiritual world. Diane de Vettori, who had invited me, mentioned casually that she personally knows at least 150 young, very spiritual people, all of whom live in the San Diego area. This density of grown up “Children of the New Age” seems to be very prevalent in Southern California.

Our world is in a state of change and upheaval, and we can look forward to hearing even more of the new generation of spiritual people over the next years. Namely, when they finally take the helm of our society in order to set course for a more humane shaping of our world.


It never rains in California…

Most of us are probably familiar with this chartbuster. However, what implications this has for the country, which has only got little more than a few raindrops during the last few years, can only be understood by those who are affected by it. Yesterday, the thermometer pointed to 28°C (=83°F) in Del Mar, which is situated near San Diego, and the people enjoyed the Sunday at the beach with surfing and swimming.

We have now arrived at the most southern point of our journey and met dear friends again and gained some new ones on the way here. The angels sometimes connect us people in very surprising ways.


Combining the useful with the pleasant

The distance between Los Angeles and San Francisco can be covered in a little more than an hour by plane; by car it takes at least 8-9 hours (depending on traffic), maybe even longer. In order to get to Sebastopol, which is situated north of San Francisco, one has to add even one or two more hours of driving time.

So, what to do? Go by plane or go by car?

Our trunk brims with Angel Essences, Symbol Cards and books, and there is also plenty of personal luggage. Transport all of that by plane? Impossible! This is why we decided to cover the distance with a rental car.

The best thing about it is that for the most part the route runs alongside the Pacific, which is why Route No. 1, as it is called, is by no means an inside tip amongst travellers anymore. Thus, we as well enjoyed the marvellous view over the sea – but we still collapsed into our beds exhausted in the evening.


Pioneering Women

The name Sebastopol sounded Russian to me, and thus I was pretty astonished that the town is actually situated in Northern California. This small town, which became popular as the “world capital” of the “Gravensteiner” apple variety and is situated not far from a picturesque Pacific coast, the ancient Redwood forests (the trees are about 1400 years old) as well as the famous wine regions Sonoma and Napa, is the home town of my friend Diane Marie Fry. I met her at the KRYON conference in Mt. Shasta last year, and we have been in close contact ever since.

It was a great wish of Diane’s that I visit her and hold workshops for her and her friends and acquaintances. She herself has acquired great knowledge about the Angel and Master Essences and Symbols in a very short time and made practical use of it. In my mind, she and her friends are pioneering women, who have devoted themselves to alternative lifestyles and educational models for decades, and therefore it comes as no surprise that they are also very open-minded about “my” Spiritual Education.

On two evenings, I got to familiarise them with my work, and I was particulary pleased about the fact that they immediatley got the gist of it. In a very familiar atmosphere, we have laid the foundation of an expandable cooperation.


Live your life!

When I came into this life, the sign of the Sagittarius was rising on the horizon. Astrologically speaking, this means that one begins to live the qualities of this sign (more) intensively from the thirtieth year of age onwards. Well, I am already a little older than 30 😉 and enjoy this Sagittarius energy, which is inside me, immensely. After all, this means travelling, vastness, space, freedom, development, moving forward, vision and expansion.

My last stay in the USA, which drew to a close yesterday, was again in line with those Sagittarius parts inside me. Because I love the inspirations I take home from there on every occasion … the many wonderful encounters with people who are pioneers as well and who followed their visions and dreams and have already realized (or are in the process of realizing) them.

When I am asked what my goals in the USA are and what I would like to achieve there, it is difficult for me to make an adequate reply. After all, I do not work according to business plans and cost accounts, but I have an inner voice, which guides me. Of course, I make a number of detours, but they enable me to learn and gather experience. Without a doubt, I am continuously lured away from my comfort zone, and I grow with the challenges presented to me.

The following lines, written by a woman I met in America, I took home with me, because they mean a lot to me. They are yet another encouragement to keep on going. She writes: “I just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful gift and your presence in our life, love all your wonderful tools. God knows we need them! I also feel a very strong soul connection – maybe some day we will meet again, meantime my deepest gratitude and love for you. Heather”