People who work with my spiritual tools, that is the spiritual symbols and essences, frequently encounter the term “morphogenetic field” in my books or seminars. Many people ask themselves, “What is it actually?”

A simple term for the morphogenetic field is “mass consciousness,” that is to say the combined consciousness of all mankind. The British scientist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake studied plant physiology at Cambridge University, and philosophy at Harvard University. He developed the theory that there are fields that surround humans, animals, plants and objects, and that they oscillate in a specific rhythm. He developed the theory of a universal field, which contains the basic coded and stored pattern and frequency of an individual or object. As soon as an individual (human, animal etc.) modifies or changes in this field, the change impacts the entire field. It appears that this concept is applicable on all existing levels from quantum physics to social group behavior, (which is the reason why family constellation work, and why energetic cleansing after this type of work is essential).

If a person within a group makes a certain experience, this information, which is stored in his or her field, can spread to the morphogenetic fields of the other group members. Group members have a morphogenetic resonance, so to speak, and as a result they have the opportunity to reorient themselves accordingly. This then implies that a rise in frequency, a consciousness raising process or the spiritual development in one individual can to a certain degree influence the morphogenetic fields of others. Thus the interaction of the morphogenetic fields of spiritual individuals is the explanation why it only needs a fraction of the whole world population to infuse mankind with such a positive, high frequency morphogenetic field that ultimately all mankind will develop in a positive direction – even though the majority may not be aware of it at all, and at present it may not yet be likely.

In contrast to the electromagnetic field (aura), which is referred to as the “energetic type of causation” the morphogenetic field does not make energy available, but is largely the storehouse or “memory board” for information and defining patterns.

Based upon information from the angel world, my Angel Combi Symbols (and the corresponding essences and oils) work powerfully not only in the electromagnetic field, in the chakras and in the light body, but also in the morphogenetic field. A particularly intensive cleansing of the morphogenetic field and with that a clearing of our “imprints”, our behavior patterns, beliefs, fears or karmic patterns can for example, be very effectively supported by the Angel Combi Symbol No. 04 Aniel or No. 24 Sorael or the corresponding Aura Essence Sorael.

Interesting Facts


If we were able to see the aura, we would be shocked to see all the energetic impacts from a day. Many people literally soak up burdening energies like a sponge, depending on their environment, and their openness and sensitivity.

Particularly those who work together with many people, have contact with physically or mentally ill people, or have to work in crowds (such as shops, shopping centres, pubs and restaurants, etc.) had better not know what sticks to them when they come home in the evening… Not to mention children, infants, babies and animals.

Highly sensitive people have fine antenna, and are therefore more likely to perceive energetic burdens in their energy field. Others, however, have the same problem, but do not feel it so clearly. This does not necessarily mean it is better for them… External energies can often show up as tiredness, depression, or feelings of heaviness.

If you are ready to resolve this problem, I recommend the following:

  • Do not just shower with water (physical level) but also energetically with the Angel Aura Essence ‘Energetic Cleansing’ (spiritual-energetic level).
  • To strengthen the immune system, put a few drops of high-quality grapefruit seed extract in a glass of water and drink it before you go to bed.
  • If you want to, you can also use my Angel Aura Essence ‘Multidimensional DNA layers’ to activate the light body process and increase the spiritual level of awareness.

As said so nicely in a psalm, “God grants sleep to those he loves”… and we are provided for in our sleep by the angels and their helpful energies… Let us be grateful!


Interesting Facts

How an ant gradually becomes a ladybird

Biologically speaking, an ant can never become a ladybird, but metaphorically speaking it can. One and a half years ago, I felt like a small, insignificant ant here in America, which crawled over the continent always asking itself, “What are you doing here? Are you sure that someone will show an interest in you and your work?”

Admittedly, those doubts also surfaced from time to time in the past few months, but on this trip, which is coming to an end tomorrow, I had the feeling for the first time that I have gradually left the ant stage and am developing into a ladybird. I owe this circumstance to some of my friends; one of them I would like to mention in particular today, namely Dr Muffit Jensen from Burbank.

The chemistry between us was right from the beginning, and we resemble each other in many ways. We both like it straightforward and “unfussy”, organisational matters are dealt with quickly and without much ado, and we are connected very closely with each other via the angels and Ascended Masters. For example, she organised a workshop for me as well as 18 single sessions with her clients. This gave and gives me the opportunity to establish myself here in Los Angeles and to strengthen her patients’ trust in me and my work.

And last but not least, I would like to mention all the other Californian companions who organised events for me in the past three weeks and thus enabled me to approach many people whose paths would not have crossed mine without their support. I already mentioned them in my previous blog entries.

Therefore, I look back on three intense and wonderful weeks with satisfaction and happiness, accompanied by my husband Gerd, without whose support I probably would not undertake my far and strenuous journeys. On a higher plane, we all follow the plan we agreed to before our incarnation, namely opening people’s eyes to the spiritual world. From now on as a ladybird and not as an ant anymore 😉 .


Pioneering Women

The name Sebastopol sounded Russian to me, and thus I was pretty astonished that the town is actually situated in Northern California. This small town, which became popular as the “world capital” of the “Gravensteiner” apple variety and is situated not far from a picturesque Pacific coast, the ancient Redwood forests (the trees are about 1400 years old) as well as the famous wine regions Sonoma and Napa, is the home town of my friend Diane Marie Fry. I met her at the KRYON conference in Mt. Shasta last year, and we have been in close contact ever since.

It was a great wish of Diane’s that I visit her and hold workshops for her and her friends and acquaintances. She herself has acquired great knowledge about the Angel and Master Essences and Symbols in a very short time and made practical use of it. In my mind, she and her friends are pioneering women, who have devoted themselves to alternative lifestyles and educational models for decades, and therefore it comes as no surprise that they are also very open-minded about “my” Spiritual Education.

On two evenings, I got to familiarise them with my work, and I was particulary pleased about the fact that they immediatley got the gist of it. In a very familiar atmosphere, we have laid the foundation of an expandable cooperation.