Hardly anybody today has NOT noticed that humanity is undergoing a huge transformation on many levels of consciousness.

It really pops up everywhere, with small things as well as with big things and we encounter it every day. Our world is not the same anymore – you only have to go back a few years to observe the drastic change that has come about and affects people all over the world. So, of course there is friction, because it is in the nature of the transformational process that things get stirred up – it most certainly isn’t just smooth sailing.

Concerning our physical bodies we can also notice that people are dealing with symptoms that, increasingly, cannot be treated anymore with traditional methods alone, or even alternative medicine, for that matter. This is the case when blockages and problems originate from a significantly higher frequency level of information. What we need to think about here is that such cases require a physician or a therapist that matches the consciousness of the patient, and, additionally, new spiritual tools that can complement any healthcare.


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