“Greetings, dear ones! Both your human and family co-existence are constantly subject to change. While former times were mainly characterised by extended families and family groups, nowadays individuality, namely the way of life of every individual, is more and more foregrounded. To be embedded in a family or extended family might give you a feeling of solidarity, but you should not underestimate the fact that by doing so you heavily live in the energies and emotions of other people and thereby could be trapped inside your family structures. Therefore, it is necessary to find a healthy distance and to strike a balance between too much limitedness, closeness and dependence on the one hand and isolation and self-centredness on the other hand.

If problems that are connected to old patterns of behaviour, old roles or traditions happen to emerge in your life, take a step back and try to look at the situation from some distance. Try to make out whose theme is being acted out, if it is your own or if it originates in your family of origin. It frequently needs only one family member to come to a crucial realisation and change his/her perspective. Thereby, the morphogenetic field, i.e. this family’s field of consciousness, realigns itself; after all, all of you are connected energetically – and mostly also karmically. Thus, it sometimes only needs one person to pull the edge of the carpet so that it gets into the right position.

If the shoe fits, wear it! It does not always need big exterior ‘actions’, like family therapy or family constellations, because your consciousness is frequently already so high and at the same time sensitive that it reacts to every change. Be aware that you can change things both on a large and a small scale, realign structures and expand your consciousness merely by intending to do so. This can be actuated by means of meditation, through a reorientation of your personality or through conversations within the family.

Even if the other family members are not always able or want to understand that changes are necessary … if they are for the good of all and are considered to be important and indispensable by your spiritual helpers, then you will be supported from this higher plan. However, do not worry about how something like that could come to pass, just be ready! After all, while you are still pondering over them, the transformation processes are mostly already underway. We are always at your side!”

Message from the angel group AKABESH (part 1) © transmitted by Ingrid Auer www.ingridauer.us

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