“At this moment in time, it is especially important that you develop and display a mental flexibility. After all, everything that has been good, right and significant up to now could be called into question by the intensity of the currently prevalent transforming energies. This particularly affects your old maxims and principles that have hitherto been important to you in your life. Now, all of them are put to the test and you are able to discern if they in fact still seem appropriate to you or if you merely adopted them without question and thought from somebody else and internalised them at some point of time.

This already brings us to the next point, namely accepting the opinion of others. You should realise and learn that other people’s opinion counts just as much as your own, even if it is absolutely contrary to yours. It is not about verbally prevailing over others, but about communicating what is important and near and dear to you in a loving way, while at the same time listening to and respecting your counterpart’s stance. You get to realise that there is not only one truth but that the so-called truth has many facets and aspects, which is why it is self-evident that yours only constitutes a partial aspect of it.

Do not struggle against situations that threaten to throw you off track and do not fight them. (We know that it is difficult for your human intellect to accept that!) Instead, try to accept and embrace them as best as you can. With this we do not mean that you have to put up with everything or give up hope, but that you should not rise up against the energies of the occasion. Consciously try to stay in the here and now and do not allow your thoughts to stray too far into the future. Endeavour to centre yourself again and again and only focus on your next step.

It may also be a great help to control your anxious and negative thoughts and to replace them with positive ones, even though this might seem unrealistic to you in the respective situation. But this has got nothing to do with sugarcoating or suppression, but it can actually help you to activate an undreamt-of potential in you.

Finally, we would like to remind you of the fact that we are always by your side! We, the angels and Ascended Masters. We knew of the special events of this time just as you did before you entered this life. You currently are in a very important phase of the spiritual ascension of humanity, which has already taken a positive alignment. Even if those changes are still superimposed by negative messages at this point of time: Be sanguine and maintain your confidence as best as you can! We are with you!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer

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