“Greetings, I am Archangel Anthriel, and today I would like to give you new food for thought concerning breatharianism and light medicine. You people have concerned yourself with the phenomenon of light for some time, namely in the context of your human existence. Many of you have already realised that matter is nothing else than condensed energy, i.e. condensed light. Everything that exists around you consists of light, even though you may not be able to imagine that you can ‘touch’ light in the form of matter. But it is the reality, and you gradually figure out how it is structured and how it works. And as soon as you are willing to understand and accept that your physical world is a condensed subtle world, you will be able to benefit from this circumstance.

There are a few people who already subsist on light exclusively. Of course, they are called tricksters or liars and sneered at by the majority of people. Those sceptics, however, only bring the material level into focus and leave everything out of consideration that light can effect on the subtle level.

Reflect on this: what does your food actually constitute from a spiritual point of view? What do you think? Food is nothing else than a physical storage space for information like vitamins and minerals, which you humans need to survive. It is the information in those foodstuffs that ‘nourish’ your somatic cells and your DNA, not the food itself. If this were not so, you would not have to excrete both the solid and the liquid food again, because then your body would absorb and process the food fully.

Well, you are of the opinion that the food you take in is broken down and that the contents or messenger substances are absorbed by your body. It is true that they are broken down, they are segmented, but what your body ultimately needs are the subtle vibrations and information that the messenger substances contain. Of course, this also holds true for your vitamins and minerals, because they are also bound to physical carriers. However, in reality, all you need is the information, the impulses, or the vibrations of the vitamins and minerals, and not the pills and juices themselves as you know them, because they are only the means of transport.

Let’s go the extra mile. What do you think is meant by the so-called light medicine? It is nothing else than information for your somatic cells and your DNA. Homeopathy and bioresonance therapy follow a similar track. They as well use information for the body that merely exists in the form of vibrations, resonance patterns, or impulses for the somatic cells.

The higher your physical, subtle and light bodies vibrate, the higher ‘light food’ and ‘light medications’ need to vibrate in the future in order to have any effect at all. However, by vibration height we do not mean the potencies and high potencies you know from homeopathy, but the spiritual frequencies that are supposed to be stored in the light resources.

It is crucial in which dimension this information originates. If the light resources are derived from the plant our crystal world or if they only contain colour vibrations, they originate in so-called near-Earth dimensions. If they only contain pure light and universal love, they originate in ‘far-Earth’ cosmic, interdimensional worlds. That means, they originate in the lightful layers of the universe and thus in a very high level of consciousness. They exclusively contain spiritual information, as it is already contained in certain symbols and essences of the angels and Ascended Masters.

I hope that I have been able to explain to you these complex relationships intelligibly, because frequently putting interdimensional knowledge into simple human words also poses a challenge to us angels. Farewell!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer

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