In Paris a whole quarter is named after Mary Magdalene, namely the district MADELEINE. The church which bears her name is based on a Greek temple hall and was built in the years 1764-1845.

At first glance the main altar depicts Mary’s ascension to heaven and her arrival in Heaven, respectively – but it could be Mary Magdalene as well. After all, “Mary” was not a name as such in her lifetime, but rather a title inside her religious community. And a statue which is called “The Wedding of the Virgin Mary” could, therefore, depict the marriage of Mary Magdalene and Jesus just as well.

Maybe another question poses itself to the visitor when admiring the huge dome above the altar: Is Mary Magdalene depicted next to Jesus even twice? She is clearly discernible on his right, since one of her symbols is the alabaster jar which she is holding in her hand. But who is the woman on his left? Green-red attire and long strawberry blonde hair at least are unmistakable hints at Mary Magdalene. After all, it was her, to whom he appeared first after his resurrection.

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