From Paris to Majorca

Soon Gerd and I are going to walk in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene in Southern France together with a group of like-minded people. We are going to travel this region, where Mary Magdalene is worshipped by a great number of people from all over the world till this day, for one week. Every year, tens of thousands visit her places in the Southern French area around Rennes-le-Château.

And precisely through this spiritual heartland runs the old prime Meridian of Paris (also called Rose Line), which was determined by the French astronomer François Arago in the early 19th century and was only superseded by today’s Greenwich meridian in the year 1884. The Paris meridian is steeped in many mystic myths and legends, because it is said to possess exceptional energetic powers.

What I did not know for a long time is the fact that the Paris meridian also runs through Majorca for a few hundred metres, in fact only half an hour away from our residence. In the very west of Majorca, the small island Dragonera, which lies offshore the main island, is situated, and this is where we detected this magical line.

However, we were not able to sense any special energies there, because too many hikers and ramblers were out and about on that sunny day. But we have also brought back some pictures from our trip – and we are full of pleasant anticipation regarding our Mary Magdalene journey in May of this year.

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Our world is changing

After a strenuous day of work, I just love to “air” my brain a little. For this purpose, I like to pick up a magazine which is not too intellectually demanding and read the latest gossip about pregnant Swedish princesses or Queen Elizabeth’s latest hat styles.

Recently, when I was thumbing through the magazine VIEW, an article about the terrorist attack in Paris caught my eye. Sentences like “The world reacts differently to the terrorist attacks in Paris than the terrorists had expected” prompted me to read on. “People all around the world are united by their deep sympathy; also many Muslims grieve with Paris. From Paris to Rio de Janeiro, the landmarks are lighted up in the blue-white-red colours of the tricolour. … A very formidable answer to the terror is given by Frenchman Antoine Leiris. He, whose wife died at the concert at the Bataclan, posted an obituary for the mother of his little son, the love of his life, on Facebook, and in it he tells the assassins, ‘You want me to be afraid. Forget it.’”

One thing is very clear: We must not naively underestimate the major upheavals in our society along with their unforeseeable consequences, but that is exactly why fear is a bad counsellor. Again and again, we should get out of the hamster wheel of our fears and direct our thoughts and our whole energy towards a positive and peaceful realignment of our world!



Mary Magdalene in Paris

In Paris a whole quarter is named after Mary Magdalene, namely the district MADELEINE. The church which bears her name is based on a Greek temple hall and was built in the years 1764-1845.

At first glance the main altar depicts Mary’s ascension to heaven and her arrival in Heaven, respectively – but it could be Mary Magdalene as well. After all, “Mary” was not a name as such in her lifetime, but rather a title inside her religious community. And a statue which is called “The Wedding of the Virgin Mary” could, therefore, depict the marriage of Mary Magdalene and Jesus just as well.

Maybe another question poses itself to the visitor when admiring the huge dome above the altar: Is Mary Magdalene depicted next to Jesus even twice? She is clearly discernible on his right, since one of her symbols is the alabaster jar which she is holding in her hand. But who is the woman on his left? Green-red attire and long strawberry blonde hair at least are unmistakable hints at Mary Magdalene. After all, it was her, to whom he appeared first after his resurrection.

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