Kryon Israel Tour 2015: Baptism in the River Jordan – On the Lake of Gennesaret – On the Mountain of Beatitudes


My personal highlight of this day was the cruise on the Lake of Gennesaret. It was not a cruise in the traditional sense of the word, but our tour group, which consists of about 250 people, went out on the water in three boats. There the three of them were moored together and cast anchor.

A channelling in such surroundings is something unique: all the travellers including Lee Carroll on board, surrounded by turquoise water and the bleak landscape of Galilee on the horizon. It was an incredible experience… One could also image or (reminisce about?) what it was like 2000 years ago when Jesus went out on the Lake of Gennesaret together with his companions…

(My travel report turns out a little short today because getting up at 5 a.m. every day wears me out a little 😉 – thus, there are more photos than sentences today.)

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Kryon Israel Tour 2015: Jerusalem


For some people of our tour group, the first day of our journey to Israel stood under the learning topic “tolerance and being in agreement with everything that happens”. After all, our journey coincides with the so-called Feast of Tabernacles, which is celebrated over some days and is considered to be one of the biggest pilgrimage festivals as well as the most joyful celebration of the Jews. Thus, one can imagine what was going on on the Temple Mount and in the old town of Jerusalem today, where tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands believers had gathered. In the midst of this excitement, half of our group got lost and we had to wait a good hour until they turned up again.

Nevertheless, the morning had opened with a wonderful channeling by Kryon/Lee Carroll and the reception of the participants by the Hawaiian priestess Kahuna Kaleiiliahi on the Temple Mount, not far from the world-famous Wailing Wall. When entering the Temple square, I could already feel a pleasant, familiar and very strong energy. This area as well as the Church of the Resurrection made the energetically strongest impressions on me today.

My personal thoughts after the first 24 hours in Israel are the following: the country has just as much arrived in the year 2015 as the rest of the world, although I have seen more orthodox and deeply religious Jews who are deeply rooted in their tradition than other people today. I had the feeling that past and present coexist and are both lived here, although the “contemporary history” seems to be thinner than elsewhere. Like a thin “reality blanket” it covers the country and the memories of what happened here 2000 years ago.

I also gained the impression that history with all its energy is within one’s reach despite the rush and the “carpet of the 21st century”. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that probably very ancient memories of past times have surfaced inside me, which are rather situated on the emotional and energetic level than on the level of immediate consciousness. Be that as it may: today has certainly been an incredibly intense day full of new impressions, and I am glad that I decided to go on this journey. Tomorrow: wake-up call at 5 a.m. … I am going to report again.

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“Free yourself from old role models”

“In former times traditional roles between men and women, children and parents, between rulers and subordinates were clearly defined. Everybody knew their place and what their roles were which they were born into. And most of them just accepted it as fate. But you know now that you are at the beginning of a great transformation process. The old learning experiences which were useful for many generations’ developments, steadily lose their importance. Some of you call the old outlived traditions ‘old energies’, making your lives tough and troublesome. Others, however, rigidly stick to them, as they provide them with (apparent) stability and structure. Both views are right and wrong at the same time! You have to decide yourself if these roles serve you or prevent you from being authentic. You have to decide yourself whether these roles can be altered so that they correspond with the energies and demands of our times. A big challenge lies ahead, accept it!” Mary Magdalene © transmitted through Ingrid Auer, 2014

Mary Magdalene

In the Footsteps of Mary Magdalene: Meet & Greet… The Journey Begins

“This spiritual journey in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene is for me, personally, a journey with dear friends. Thus, I prepared every detail of this journey with love. Each of the participants, upon arriving at the hotel, received a welcome note, the new Mary Magdalene symbol cards, as well as a journey-symbol, specially made for this trip.

Because we’ll be staying at different hotels throughout our trip, we will encounter suitable seminar rooms to a greater or lesser extent. Therefore, we took our basic equipment for our daily evening meditations with us, for example the hand-crafted original symbols of Mary Magdalene and her companions, as well as the angel and Master Aura Essences.

Last evening, Conny Wolf perfectly described our week together: „This spiritual journey is comparable with our life journey. Unforseeable things will happen, we will adjust ourselves to new and unplanned situations and we can look forward to all the things we will discover within and around us.“

This evening, the travel group met in the seminar room of the Best Western Airport Hotel to meet one another and complete an evening meditation. After everyone introduced themselves, I forwarded messages by Mary Magdalene, Simon Petrus, Anne and Sarah Tamar via a live channeling. The energy of the ascended masters was within our grasp. We are excited to see what the upcoming week is going to bring.”

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“Communicate through your heart”

“Communication is a major issue of your time. In the whole history of mankind it has never been so easy to communicate with so many people (at the same time) over long distances. The focus is mainly on the exchange of knowledge and experiences. And this is good because education and knowledge can change the world in a positive way. However, I would like to remind you to include your heart in communication. Words and messages carry vibrations and energies. Before expressing the same sentence, you can create it in your mind, or you can include your heart. What a difference! Communication with your heart requires mutual respect and esteem. Therefore, I want to remind you to step out of your judgements. Whoever calls themselves spiritual should stop commenting on other people’s thoughts and deeds, and should dispense with gossip. I particularly want to point this out to therapists and other professional tutors. Because HOW – I wonder – would you like to support people to enter their process of self-healing, if you accompany them without love from the heart? You will find the answer yourself…”

Mary Magdalene ©transmitted through Ingrid Auer, 2014

Mary Magdalene

“Learn from difficult relationships”

“Who would not like to have a happy and harmonious partnership? However, keep in mind that relationships are one of your most important learning programmes! Nevertheless, you are often after an ideal picture of partnership which you see in books and films. Be aware that you should not by all means try to live in harmony all the time. The main thing is that your partnership is based on mutual respect. There are also partnerships where one dominates the other, or one gives up his or her own personality and basic needs out of a false understanding of love. Sometimes people are even exploited by their partners without noticing it. As soon as someone external tries to hint at this fact, they even defend their partners. Do not judge yourself and others for this, but learn to understand and change the behaviour patterns and emotional deficits behind it. Sometimes it is necessary to set energetic and emotional borders to your partner, to remain true to yourself. Despite all the difficulties, try to keep in mind that you can learn a lot from complicated partnerships, and therefore you can develop personally and spiritually!” Mary Magdalene © transmitted through Ingrid Auer, 2014

Mary Magdalene

“Appreciate your partnership”

“I often hear you people complain about your partnerships. It is understandable from the human point of view that in this area of your life difficulties do occur. They might tempt you to wonder: ‘Why am I doing this?’ But when you change your human point of view to a higher level, and look at your partnership from there, you will soon notice, that your partner is the perfect mirror for you, showing you all your inadequacies. Before you try to change your partner or some of his/her characteristics, have a closer look at what you are in resonance with! If you are absolutely honest with yourself, you will see that it is your own weaknesses, imbalances, deficits and sensitivities that meet you. However, there are many partnerships which are already hopelessly shaken and destroyed that they are really harmful for the people involved. It is necessary to recognize this and then take steps. In all the other cases, be grateful for your partnership because it offers lots of possibilities for your personal and spiritual development.” Maria Magdalene © transmitted through Ingrid Auer, 2014

Mary Magdalene

In the footsteps of Mary Magdalene: The countdown is on

Tomorrow my husband Gerd and I are flying from Vienna via Brussels to Marseille to check one last time all the hotels we’ll be staying at during our trip. We want to make sure that everything is perfect, especially the seminar rooms and the dinner selections. Some of our travelers are vegetarians and this concept still seems to be foreign to french cooks, even in 2013 (let’s not even talk about vegan options). Since we’ll be working with the angel symbols and essences during our trip, we already sent a large package ahead.

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