SPIRITUAL JOURNEY – Day 3: In Rennes-le-Château and on the Cathar castle Quéribus

The weather angels smiled on us today … Shortly after awakening the wind turned and blew the rain clouds away from us. Thus, nothing got in the way of a visit to RENNES-LE-CHÂTEAU without getting wet. We enjoyed our walk through the sleepy town as well as the marvellous view of the land of the Cathars; we immersed ourselves in the energies, which were particularly strong near the Magdalene tower and then we went exploring … We found ourselves in the villa Bethania, which once was the vicarage of the former country curate Bèrengier Sauniére, who had it built in an outlandish style. We visited his former premises, the garden and the library tower, which has already been mentioned before, as well as his grave. Afterwards, we paid a visit to the church, which also contains a number or curiosities. For instance, the big colourful devil Asmodi at the entrance, the numerous pastel-coloured angels and figures of saints, and a number of depictions of Mary Magdalene. After all, she was a special figure of worship to Sauniére.

In the afternoon we drove towards the Mediterranean and the clouds became denser and darker. But – as by a miracle – the sky opened up during our way up to the Cathar castle Quéribus so that we arrived at the former fortress with dry feet and also were rewarded with a beautiful view. This castle, unlike most other Cathar fortresses, had never been conquered by the Pope’s soldiers, but was abandoned by choice for a promise of safe conduct. From up there one can see close-by castles and divine what kind of architectural master strokes have already been made in this region more than 800 years ago. As soon as we had left the bus after our return to the castle hotel, the sky clouded up again and now it is pouring with rain. We are going to end this day with another meditation and live channelings as well as a delicious supper.

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SPIRITUAL JOURNEY – Day 2: From Carcassonne to Couiza via St. Hilaire and Limoux

To visit the world-famous castle town Carcassonne is a must for everyone travelling through the Cathar region. 4 million people visit it every year! Although we really liked this incomparable medieval ensemble, we nevertheless were glad when we could leave it behind us together with its touristic bustle and set foot in the heartland of the Languedoc.

We visited the small abbey Saint-Hilaire – which is nestled between rolling hills and vineyards – with its marvellous cloister and the remarkable church, which sheltered the Cathars, who were persecuted by the Pope and his army of mercenaries once. In the stillness of this building we could sense a lot of power and meditate.

Finally, we paid a visit to the charming Marian pilgrimage site Notre Dame de Marceille (near Limoux). Only few tourists come here. The inside is furnished in pastel shades, the ceiling is profusely decorated, which is characteristic for the whole country. Besides the Black Madonna the peculiar statues of Mary Magdalene and Sainte Germaine took our fancy.

Before the delicious supper in our castle hotel, we gathered in the castle’s hall of knights, which is going to serve us as a meditation and seminar room in the course of the next few days. There we watched a documentary on the Holy Grail before we meditated together. I got to transmit messages from Hilarion, Sainte Germaine, Mary and Mary Magdalene. Unfortunately, it started to rain in the evening, which probably means that we will have to change tomorrow’s schedule.

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Final travel preparations in TOULOUSE

Two days ago Gerd and I arrived in Toulouse (South of France) so that yesterday we could make another walking tour of the city in order to devise the ideal route for our tour party. With brilliant sunshine and 77 °F the town presented itself in its late summer light. We took enough time to visit the Basilica Saint Sernin, which contains a number of treasures. For instance, a statue of Saint Judas, whom one encounters only rarely in Catholic churches, or a power place in the crypt. We made up our minds what to show our group when we come here again on the last day of our journey next Friday. By the way, Toulouse is one of the biggest university towns of France and the streets are filled with life and ado.

More photos: http://goo.gl/ScXrRY

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SPIRITUAL JOURNEY – Day 1: Let the journey begin – we are ready!

While my fellow travellers, all of whom are either from Austria, Germany, or Switzerland, are arriving bit by bit in our hotel at the airport of Toulouse in the course of today, the last preparation works are being made by me and my team of attendants. My husband Gerd Schwank, who is going to communicate the historical aspects of the sites and places we are going to visit to the group, as well as Lutz Mück, who is the participants’ contact person in organisational matters but also attends to the energetic well-being of the group, are by my side.

In the course of the next few days, all of us are going to go to see a number of locations where the cruelties of the persecution of the Cathars are still stored in the morphogenetic field or in the crystal grid of the earth. For sensitive persons (most of our group are very sensitive or have mediumistic powers) those energies could be very disagreeable to sense. By means of their personal past history – I am intentionally referring to earlier incarnations here – “ancient memories” could be brought back to the participants, which, however, are already going to be transformed and dissolved during the journey thanks to the spiritual tools, the meditations, the channelings, as well as the energetic support of Lutz.

This is why we always bring along our spiritual tools, with the energised symbols of Mary Magdalene and her companions and the Angel and Master Aura Essences leading the way, on our spiritual journeys. Since our journey does not constitute a historical but a primarily spiritual event, its main focus lies on transformation and subtle or karmic healing. Today’s evening mediation with the group as well as the live channelled messages from Mary Magdalene are going to start off our journey into (our own) past.

Languedoc – we are coming!

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In the footsteps of Mary Magdalene: Tarascon – Les Baux – St. Remy-de-Provence – Gordes

„Yesterday was under the guidance of Martha of Bethany and her energy was especially strong. We visited the church in Tarascon that is dedicated to her, the sister of Mary Magdalene. In the nave and the chapels of the church we found various depictions of her in oil paintings, statues and a relief shrine. According to oral tradition, Martha’s home stood in the very place where nowadays one can visit the lower part of the church. Many of us could get in touch with Martha in this place.

Across the church one can visit an old castle; we only went in there briefly. The picture made of stone of the „Monsterous Tarasque“, which is located on the shore oft he Rhone was particularly funny to us. This creature terrorized Tarascon about 2000 years ago and was killed by Martha herself.

I also took the group to an abandoned quarry, which has been transformed in a magical world of colors, sounds and pictures. In a grandious lighting and sound show, beautiful pictures of the most famous impressionists were being protected onto the 15 to 10 meters high stone walls. It was a breathtaking spectacle for everyone.

After our lunch break in St. Remy-de-Provence we drove to Goult, a medieval village, which is located on a mountain crest. Just a few days before our tour, Gerd and I discovered a spot where once a Mary-Magadalene church was located, whose engery can still be strongly felt. The wonderful view of the place where we will be staying for the next few days was a beautiful ending to yesterday’s excursion.

The energetic highlight was the evening meditation, where Martha of Bethany announced herself via a live-message to the participants. Her words and energy were so present, so expressive and so overwhelming that many of us felt very strong emotions. I also channeled Mary, Easa, Mary Magdalene and arc angel Michael. Today we are looking forward to a seminar day in my favorite town of Gordes.“

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In the Footsteps of Mary Magdalene: Sts. Maries-de-la-Mer – Les Baux – St. Rémy-de-Provence

“Like the sparrows on the roof… today we enjoyed the magnificent view that the church of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer offers of the surrounding scenery. Legend has it that around 2000 years ago, Mary Magdalene, Mary Jacobe and Mary Salome, together with Sara-la-Kali, landed in this place – a small village in Carmague – by boat after they were abandoned in Palaestina. This is a nice story that we don’t quite believe, because the group most likely landed in the harbor. The church itself is a memorial place for these four women whose energies can still be felt today.

On our way back to the hotel in St. Rémy-de-Provence we stopped in a small medieval town named Les Baux, which is situated high up on a rock formation. The view over the Provencial wine region is especially picturesque and made up for the fact that, due to technical reasons, we could not visit the Carrierres des Lumieres („Quarry of light“). If we do get to it tomorrow, I will certainly talk about it.

Before we’ll have dinner, we will get together for a meditation and channeling evening in order to process today’s impressions, exchange our thoughts and experiences and to listen to the messages of Mary Magdalene and her companions. We’re looking forward to a delicious dinner from the hotel’s excellent kitchen.”

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In the footsteps of Mary Magdalene: Seminar day in Gordes, Provence

„Even though Mary Magdalene has never been to the village of Gordes, because it didn’t exist in her time, it was my heart’s desire to show my group this wonderful place. Aix-en-Provence, where Maximinus was a bishop, is not far from there. The region of Luberon, where Gordes is located, is part of those regions in South France where Mary Magdalene and her companions spread their faith.

After a stroll through the town with its picturesque side streets and old houses, we went to the „La Bastide“ Hotel where our Mary Magdalene Seminar was taking place. In a wonderful seminar room with a view of Luberon, I transmitted live-messages of Mary Magdalene, Easa/Jesus, Sarah Tamar. Saint Germain and the saint patron of the town, Saint Firmin to the group. During the seminar, the participants had the opportunity to recognize and transform blockades and old behavior patterns with the help of the Mary Magdalene Symbols and the symbols oft he Ascended Masters.

Having lunch together on the beautiful hotel terrace was one of today’s highlights. The afternoon and evening were dedicated to relaxation and wellness in our hotel in Gordes. Tomorrow we will continue our journey with a drive through Luberon, because I want to show the group the most beautiful spots of this region. More photos of today’s trip can be found on my facebook-page.“

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