In the Footsteps of Mary Magdalene: Marseille – Aix-en-Provence – St. Remy-de-Provence

“Today’s trip was under the special guidance of Mary Magdalene and Lazarus, the first bishop of Marseille. Therefore, a visit to the crypt of Saint Victor, a place where Lazarus is being commemorated, was one of our main priorities. As we climbed down the stairs tot he crypt, where the first Christians of the Provence were baptized, we felt deeply connected with Mary Magdalene, her companions and everyone who lost his/her life for their belief. The crypt houses an impressive stone relief of Mary Magdalene and Lazarus, as well as a statue of the Black Madonna, which is being carried through the city during the annual procession. This statue symbolizes the „Mary, who came from the sea and who brought the gospel with her.“ We obviously knew which Mary it referred to. Afterwards, we had to hike up the steep hill to the basilica „Notre Dame de la Gare“, because our bus driver claimed that he couldn’t drive up the hill with the bus due to the narrow streets. The impressive square around the basilica offered a wonderful view of the city and the offshore islands. The interior of the church is decorated in the byzantine style with beautiful gold colored mosaics. On our way back to the bus we were surprised by an intensive thunderstorm and some of us got soaked. However, the storm could not diminish our good mood.

In Aix-en-Provence we got lucky with the weather and visited the Holy Spirit church as the sun was shining. The church windows display Mary and Mary Magdalene surrounded by the apostles. We also went to see the cathedrale Saint Sauveur, which houses a baptismal font from the times of Mary Magdalene’s immediate anchestors. Her companion Maximinus was actually the first bishop of this city.

In St. Remy-de-Provence we settled in a gorgeous hotel for two nights. The hotel’s winter garden was transformed into our meditation room, where we gathered before the delicious dinner. Before we started with the meditation and the live messages of MaryMagdalene, Lazarus, Salome, Mary and the „Angel for Effortlessness and Joy“, the participants discussed their personal experiences of the day. We look forward to tomorrow when we will tour Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer.”

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In the Footsteps of Mary Magdalene: Meet & Greet… The Journey Begins

“This spiritual journey in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene is for me, personally, a journey with dear friends. Thus, I prepared every detail of this journey with love. Each of the participants, upon arriving at the hotel, received a welcome note, the new Mary Magdalene symbol cards, as well as a journey-symbol, specially made for this trip.

Because we’ll be staying at different hotels throughout our trip, we will encounter suitable seminar rooms to a greater or lesser extent. Therefore, we took our basic equipment for our daily evening meditations with us, for example the hand-crafted original symbols of Mary Magdalene and her companions, as well as the angel and Master Aura Essences.

Last evening, Conny Wolf perfectly described our week together: „This spiritual journey is comparable with our life journey. Unforseeable things will happen, we will adjust ourselves to new and unplanned situations and we can look forward to all the things we will discover within and around us.“

This evening, the travel group met in the seminar room of the Best Western Airport Hotel to meet one another and complete an evening meditation. After everyone introduced themselves, I forwarded messages by Mary Magdalene, Simon Petrus, Anne and Sarah Tamar via a live channeling. The energy of the ascended masters was within our grasp. We are excited to see what the upcoming week is going to bring.”

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In the Footsteps of Mary Magdalene: Our team is complete

Thankfully, Gerd and I checked the hotels personally one more time before the journey started – otherwise we would have experienced some unwelcomed surprises in regards to the seminar rooms and the food. The pictures show the little provencal town Lourmarin where we will be staying overnight next Thursday. (Check my Facebook page for more photos). Today in the afternoon, Lutz Mueck and his wife Conny Wolf arrived from Austria at our hotel in Marseille. Lutz will help Gerd and I with the organization and execution of the trip. He is also responsible for the energetic support of the participants, because we will definitely dive into old and sometimes intense energies (e.g. the crypt of St. Victor in Marseille, where the first Christians were baptized…). Certainly, some participants will feel those energies and strong emotions will come to the surface. As an experienced energy practitioner and seminar attendant, Lutz will make sure that all the participants will safely work through their individual processes.

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In the Footsteps of Mary Magdalene: Gordes – Mon Amour!

“The gorgeous little town of Gordes is not directly connected to Mary Magdalene, but everytime I drive up the hill to the town, I feel like I’m coming home. I feel emotionally connected to this place. I already celebrated christmas and Easter here and saw the cherry blossoms and lavender blossoms bloom. Those of you who are familiar with the movie „Chocolate“ can probably imagine quite vividly the charm of this little town in the South of France.

Therefore, our spiritual journey through Provence will take us to Gordes next week. The Mary Magdalene seminar will take place in one of the most beautiful hotels in the town so that the participants will be able to enjoy the great atmosphere.

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Spiritual Journey 2014: Albi – the place where the persecution of Cathars began

One of the absolute highlights of our spiritual journey 2014 “In the footsteps of Mary Magdalene and her successors” through the Languedoc is doubtlessly going to be the visit we are going to pay to the former heartland of the Cathars, namely Albi. This town won notoriety during the Albigensian Crusade, since the Albigenses, the important group of Cathars who used to inhabit this region, namely the North-East of Toulouse, originally come from there. The interior of the church is so breathtakingly beautiful that I rank it among the most impressive sacred buildings I have ever seen. Unfortunately, the photos I have taken are unable to fully express its ravishing beauty. For this reason, I am all the more looking forward to visit this impressive monument of the Cathars together with my fellow travelers in October 2014 again.

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SPIRITUAL JOURNEY 2014: The stake of Montségur

Montségur, which means “secure mountain”, is situated on the eastern edge of the Pyrenees, the border mountain range between France and Spain, on a steep and rugged knoll. The ruins of the probably most widely known castle of the Cathars sit enthroned on the peak. In the course of the crusades against Mary Magdalene’s successors, the Cathars, the castle was attacked time and again. The year 1243 is especially noteworthy in this context, since the fortress was besieged by nearly 10.000 crusaders for 10 months.

They tried to starve the Cathars and forced them either to renunciate their faith or be burned at the stake. Subsequently, 225 Cathars together with their bishop were burned, because they would not submit to the Catholic faith. Only a few could escape and those who managed to flee were murdered soon afterwards as well. We are going to visit this castle in the course of our spiritual journey.

You can find more photos on my homepage.

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Spiritual Journey 2014: Arques and Kathleen McGowan’s novel

The fans of Kathleen McGowan’s novel „The Expected One”  are also going to get their money’s worth on our spiritual journey, since the novelist situated the legendary “Château des Pommes Bleues” in the small village of Arques, which she calls the “holy village” in her book.

The castle of Arques, which has got nothing to do with the “Château des Pommes Bleues”, nevertheless is a very impressive building, especially its high and distinguishing tower. The fans and readers of Kathleen’s Magdalene Line are definitely going to rejoice at the fact that we are going to visit those legendary places in the course of our journey.

Click here for more photos and the respective quotes from the book.

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