Thankfully, Gerd and I checked the hotels personally one more time before the journey started – otherwise we would have experienced some unwelcomed surprises in regards to the seminar rooms and the food. The pictures show the little provencal town Lourmarin where we will be staying overnight next Thursday. (Check my Facebook page for more photos). Today in the afternoon, Lutz Mueck and his wife Conny Wolf arrived from Austria at our hotel in Marseille. Lutz will help Gerd and I with the organization and execution of the trip. He is also responsible for the energetic support of the participants, because we will definitely dive into old and sometimes intense energies (e.g. the crypt of St. Victor in Marseille, where the first Christians were baptized…). Certainly, some participants will feel those energies and strong emotions will come to the surface. As an experienced energy practitioner and seminar attendant, Lutz will make sure that all the participants will safely work through their individual processes.

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