At first glance the topic ‘relationship’ seems to be full of contradictions. Because, on the one hand, never before have so many people taken love with a partner so seriously as they do today. And also there is a greater need for stability and security in a relationship. On the other hand, never have more relationships broken up than today.

You can only experience a long-lasting loving relationship, if both of you manage, at the same time, to enable your relationship to remain as satisfying as possible. Only then can you be sure that you both remain in the partnership voluntarily and permanently.


At the beginning of your romantic relationship you might have had the feeling of having known your partner for a long time. Your amorous love, at the start, made you meet each other in the depths of your hearts. Not only physically, but also mentally, you merged with one another. And if you are familiar with the idea of reincarnation: yes, sometimes there is a meeting again, or some form of recognition by two souls who have made deep experiences together in former lives. But these re-encounters do not always happen in the romantic way books about soul mates and dual souls try to tell us. But this is a different story…

Everyday life proves, in the end, how deep your love actually is. At the beginning of your relationship you can easily ignore the things that do not connect but separate you. However, as time goes by, this seems to get harder and harder. You possibly find your partner strange, and certain characteristics start to annoy you. This experience may bring the first disappointment, or at worst, the beginning of the end. What is to be done?


_ Begin to explore and understand your partner, his world and way of thinking. Give up the idea that he should be the same as you.

_ Whenever you feel the urge, tell your partner about yourself, your feelings, thoughts and your personal life history.

_ Be open, and naturally inquisitive, when your partner talks about himself. Whatever you may find strange: talk about it! It is better to understand him than criticize him later.

_ Give your partner the feeling that you respect the way he is, even if he thinks, feels and acts differently.

_ Try to feel like him, see and try to understand life through his eyes, considering his family and social background. For a moment, try to see the world not from your perspective, but from his. Put yourself in his shoes, so to speak.

_ Accept his being different as an important experience, and valuable addition, to your point of view and philosophy of life. You do not have to take on his values, if you do not agree with them, but at least, be open for them!

_ Develop an honest and sincere interest in your partner, even if you think you already know him inside out. Discover your partner over and over again!

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