No, it is no coincidence that I have stumbled across the ‘four Indian laws of spirituality’ on the internet. Because, just like so many of you, I do not believe in coincidences any more. More likely, I see this ‘coincidence’ as a discreet hint from above to publish the spiritual laws on my blog, to make them available for many others. Here they are:


“What? Is this supposed to be a joke?” I hear some of you ask. “My ex-husband who does not want to pay alimony? My friend’s sister who ran off with my friend’s husband? My chauvinist boss who looks down on women, and treats them so? What you say about the right encounter can’t be true, can it?”

Let’s try to leave the familiar human level of thinking, and look at our lives from above. Do we still believe that our lives are determined by coincidences? What about our free will, our inner freedom? What about a higher plan, which we agreed to long ago, when we were still souls on a different level?

Nobody enters your life by chance. Everybody has got a message, learning topic or some other enrichment for you. It depends on us whether we experience these as pleasant or not. Let’s be honest: don’t we sometimes need a kick to move on, to leave our comfort zone to make progress on our developing path.


Have you ever thought, ‘If only I had not got involved with this man!’ or ‘If only I had used contraception!’ or ‘If only I had made peace with my family earlier!’

Forget about it! Everything is fine as it is! No, this is no palliation. It is an approach where you have to push the human view away, to switch to a spiritual, or at least, holistic one.

Yes, it was right and good to get involved with this particular man because only through him could you make the experiences which were important for you. It might have taken longer for you to realize than you anticipated. Maybe it took more men, who did not do you any good to make the one important experience. But it has all made you stronger, tougher and maybe a bit more independent. We learn voluntarily, but more often involuntarily. Therefore, let’s be grateful that exactly these things come into our lives which are truly important for us and our development.


In former times every child could decide when it wanted to be born. There were no caesareans and labour boosters. The child came when it was the right time, when its soul said, “Go!”

Nowadays we want to plan everything: the right time for having children, marrying, making a career,… Of course, life has become very complex, and we do not want to leave things to chance. But have we ever thought of letting go of the reins, making spontaneous decisions or letting go? We have no idea what we have already missed out on because with all our planning we have interfered with our life from time to time.

Therefore: let go, relax, lean back and trust that everything that is important for us will come at the right time! If we can manage to put a little plaster on our ego’s mouth to quieten it down a bit, letting go and being in the flow will be easier.


If a carton of milk has run out of date and the contents turned sour, then it’s over with the milk. Nothing can be changed. The milk won’t get fresh any more. When your partnership is over, and love gone, it is the same. It has stopped existing. Maybe you can turn the relationship into friendship. Or you stick with the relationship because separation is a no-go. But the loving and exhilarating relationship is dead. Finished!

Yes, this can be sad and painful. It takes many people a long time to get used to it, they have problems letting go of their ideas, expectations, wishes and dreams. Not again this word ‘letting go’. We can’t hear it any longer!

The art of letting go should accompany us throughout our life, as it is a continuous stream of longer and shorter stages. And if we cannot say goodbye to them, we will not develop. This does not mean we should separate from our partners after a few years. Because the development of our love and our partnership is also a process of letting go. We say goodbye to the person we used to be for a period of time, and discover ourselves from a completely new angle. As soon as we let endings and beginnings, transformation and change consciously into our life, it will be a fulfilled and very happy one. That I am deeply convinced of!

PS: By the way, it would take me too much time to explain why I stopped believing in coincidences many years ago. The fact is that behind the superficial look to our life, there are more relevant spiritual laws which we human souls are connected with. With a higher spiritual order, so to speak. However, that is a story for another day perhaps.

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