“Greetings!  I am Lady Portia. I am very busy at the moment, because an increasing number of people realize that they will not grow any further without dealing with their feelings of guilt. People often hate one another because their ancestors blamed each other for things that have no relevance today. Do you think this is a presumptive claim?

I would like to ask you, who benefits from this guilt and what about your sense of justice? Isn‘t such an attitude embedded in the deepest duality? Where is the divine love, the unconditional forgiving?

Many people see forgiveness as a sign of weakness, and this is why they remain reproachful and full of accusations. They might be correct from their point of view, that is, simply from the human point of view. Everything in life follows a divine plan and order which often eludes human understanding, as human understanding is limited.

You know about the principle of cause and effect. Put a stone on one side of a set of scales, and it will go down, and the empty side will move up. It is the same with people; nothing happens without an energetic or karmic equivalent. Sometimes the causes lie in former incarnations, and the effect only shows in the present. This often happens to innocent people, entire countries as well as areas where bad things occur.

As human beings you have found out that you have gone through almost every possible learning experience in duality. You are about to leave duality now and follow the Ascended Masters. You have reached the end of a long developing cycle which is about dealing with the last spiritual obstacles and challenges.

The topics of forgiveness and unconditional love are definitely one of the biggest challenges you have yet to overcome.

It may help to look at the particular situation from two sides. The human and the spiritual one. As human beings you are inclined to judge and condemn, insisting that you know exactly what is right or wrong. If you change your perspective, and look upon the situation from a different point of view – being honest with yourself and others – you will soon realize that there are always two ways of looking at things. Although the two sides of one coin show different pictures, it is always the same coin. In duality there are always at least two ‘truths’, but they are still only one part of the divine truth.

What you think is the human truth, is strongly limited by your human thinking. Therefore, this truth is never the whole picture. It is my hope that this approach can help you to leave judgments and accusations behind, and help to transform guilty feelings. I am happy to support you in all ways.

I am Lady Portia!”


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