‘Greetings, dear ones! We are an Angels group supporting absolute self-Responsibility. You think you know reality and truth, although you are light years away! This might sound cynical, however we would like to remind you that human thinking can only understand a tiny part of the big picture. Also in dealings and relationships with other people you seem to know what is good or bad, right or wrong.

Believe us, your thinking is often far away from divine reality. What your interpersonal and social principles, standards, regulations or laws tell you, has been created by men. Unfortunately, often by men whose divine consciousness is not wonderfully developed. But it is still them who make your laws. Many of them have reached positions through accumulation of knowledge, sometimes even through intrigues or the targeted use of power.

Therefore, the aim in your life is to stand up for yourself, no matter what the others think of you or how they judge you. If you want to develop spiritually, you have to act, think and decide with absolute self-responsibility. You are the only person to ‘judge’ you, although this word does not exactly express what we mean. You can see that there is again a language barrier between our worlds and human thinking.

Take responsibility for yourself and your life. We keep saying this, as it is an essential skill on the path to your personal Mastery. We are happy to support you!’

Message from the Angels for Absolute Self-Responsibility transmitted by Ingrid Auer © http://www.IngridAuer.us


  1. Dearest Ingrid,
    I was so happy to accidently find this most recent message on “taking responsibility for self”. It, as always, came to me in perfect timing. I was looking through your blogs etc as I just finished “The Book of Love” & was looking for your photos & quotes related to that McGowan book. Yet, this message on taking responsibility was exactly what I needed to hear today. I will always treasure my times with you, the Angels & the Mary Magdelena trip experiences as they all help open me up to what is within me and beyond. I love you & send my love ❤JoAne


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