June 10, 2016: I have been reading messages from the angelic entity KRYON, channeled through the American Lee Carroll, for more than 20 years now. They are not about prophecies, but spiritual knowledge and wisdom that are received from a very high level of consciousness.

KRYON´s energy is characterized by love and understanding for mankind, always with a touch of humor. The original channelings in English can be listened to on Lee Carroll’s website. I recorded the first minutes of this morning´s opening channeling for you with my iPhone:

The focus of this congress is on lectures and speeches of reputable doctors and scientists who openly profess their spirituality and have already integrated it into their work, such as Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden or Todd Ovokaitys. Also, contributions of the team around Lee Carroll, like for example from Peggy Dubrov, Amber Wolf, Deb DeLisi, Kahuna Kaleiiliahi, the current Hawaiian Priestess (who is going to be my guest in Austria next year) or Robert Coxon enrich the event further.

Plus: Spirituality does not exclude a good sense of humor. Watch this video with Lilly Wong and Dr. Todd and see for yourself:

(To be continued)


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