As an avowed couch potato it was certainly a challenge for me to scale the path over hill and dale from Sant Elm up to the monastery of Sa Trapa. But I really wanted to see and feel the place where Majorca’s first chakra is situated. And the effort has really paid off.

Human chakras – subtle energy centres – are situated along the spine, opening to the front and back of the body like funnels. If chakras are blocked, weak or closed, the energy system does not work properly. This is a very simple explanation…

Our planet Earth has also got different chakras, just like every country and area. And therefore my favourite island Majorca has also got seven energy centres. They are positioned along the ‘spine’ of the island, the Tramuntana mountains. They stretch from the south-west to the north-east of the island (see picture further below).

The first chakra can be found in the south-west, near the monastery of Sa Trapa, which was built in 1810 by Trappist monks in this very remote situation. It was already abandoned in 1824. Its diameter is about 1 km, with the centre near the remains of the monastery ruin which are now being rebuilt. The energy of the chakra is definitely masculine.

Interestingly the chakra is directly opposite the island of Dragonera, where the Paris meridian crosses the offshore island. Whereas Gerd felt the chakra in the form of goose pimples (see photo), I took my pendant and used it as a pendulum to find out where the energy was strongest.

Now we would like to visit the next six meridians of Majorca. Three of them are easy to find, and the other three require time, patience and a little luck.

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