My husband Gerd and I were probably “rainmakers” 😉 in a past life, because although there was hardly any rainfall in California in the past four years and Mexico is usually blessed with a warm climate, we always have to use umbrellas when we are here.

After two very intense seminar days in Mexico City and two days of recreation spent in the vicinity of the city, we travelled on to Oaxaca by plane accompanied by our Mexican friend and cooperation partner Tany Cortes. There we received a hearty welcome from our hosts Liliana Basauri and her husband Jorge Guerrero and were taken to a great restaurant looking out on the church Santo Domingo.

The next day, they showed us the pyramids of Monte Albán, where they had even organised a private tour for us. And today we took a stroll through the picturesque old town with its colourful houses and famous churches.

Also here in Oaxaca the evening workshops were unbelievably well-attended, and the participants were sitting crowded together (some had already attended a workshop in Mexico City and had followed us on our journey to Oaxaca). It is staggering to experience with what kind of deep and entirely natural spirituality people here in Mexico are blessed. Thus, I was able to meet many healers and spiritually highly-developed attendants.

Tomorrow, we will head back to Mexico City, and from there we are going to travel back to Europe via Los Angeles after three days. One thing, however, is already absolutely certain: In February 2017, I am going to come back, because the interest in my work is huge. I am already looking forward to it very much!


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