Perhaps you have been told the odd story about strange encounters with people who subsequently turned out to “have never existed.” Naturally, a story like this would be grounds for all kinds of speculation: either somebody was telling a tall tale, or, the person in question confused a dream with reality, or, quite simply, he or she had always been given to flights of imagination….

Another probability though, especially relevant in crises situations is, that the person encountered an angel – an angel who appeared to him or her in human form in order to be seen.

I myself can recall some people telling me such stories and they were in fact reliable human beings, people who were not living in a fantasy world, but were very much grounded in reality. In other words, if they hadn’t been totally convinced by the validity of their experience they would have never shared it with anybody.

Just recently I discovered an article in a magazine[1]  about Christina Hecke, a German actress who, in 2007, had gotten into a horrific car crash. At the time, she barely survived. Her lungs had exploded and the medical team was forced to put her into an artificial coma. For 10 days her life would hang by a thread.

The only thing she remembers about her coma she describes as follows: “I had the feeling like I was screaming myself back into life, uttering a primal scream comparable to a baby crying loudly after being born. In reality this was not even possible – after all I had hoses coming out of me everywhere. Suddenly there was this grey haired woman, about 50 years old. She patted me on the head and said in Swabian dialect: “Mein Gott, Mädle, es isch alles guat (My God, girl, all is well)”. After that, I was able to take a deep breath and she was gone….This woman had been there to receive me after I had fought back to physical life…..”

When Christina woke up from her coma she kept asking the doctors about this woman…….but nobody could give her an answer, nobody had the slightest idea what she was talking about.

With regard to the subject of angels in human form there is one book I can highly recommend: “Getting There” by Michael J. Roads. Many years ago, when I read it for the first time, it touched a deep core in myself. I am sure it opened the door to my spiritual development and the understanding I have today.

I can also say that whenever I moved somewhere new, this book would always come with me. Even today it still holds an important place in my library.


[1] German magazin: BUNTE 7 / 2016, p. 85

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