There are times when I feel the need to put on glasses when watching the world around me…, not sunglasses, but glasses that have rose-tinted lenses. It’s the case whenever the energies around me are kind of low and have a tendency to drag you down, like, for instance, the world news on television. Days like this usually leave me three choices exactly:

  • Ignoring everything and hoping it will soon get better again.
  • Getting absorbed by the uncomfortable energies and spiral down.
  • Very purposefully putting on rose-colored glasses and focus on the positive aspects of life (through a magnifying lens).

I choose option number 3 whenever I manage to do that. And of course, my critics would say something along the lines of “Sure thing…..there she goes again, the bliss ninny…..sugar coating facts and whitewashing reality….”

Guess what: I don’t care!

I prefer to work on cultivating positive thoughts instead of giving my power away to negativity. If we and society as a whole could finally get it – the fact that constant bad news contributes to making us feel less safe. It does drag us down! And – isn’t it true that fearful people are much easier to manipulate?

That’s why I make an effort at least for myself, to stem the negative tide of mass media influence……I try to stay centered as best as I can.

So, when things get difficult, I am resorting to my old habit of looking for my rose-colored glasses (good thing they come with a magnifying lens!)……


(photo: Internet)

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