“Humanity is never going to change!”… “History repeats itself!”… Are you familiar with such statements? Do you believe in them? Or do you think that something has been changing for quite some time now, maybe even in a way you had not thought possible a few years ago?

Do you remember the time when we did not have any mobile phones? The technological Stone Age so to say 😉 No, it was not a long time ago, but still we can barely imagine to communicate with letters, telefax messages or an outdated rotary phone today.

Of course, there are also negative spin-offs the new technologies entail. But after all the pendulum does not only swing into one direction, and there are also positive things to mention.

“We are going to have more time to ourselves in the future – for art, for sleep, for reflection. We won’t define ourselves by our work that much anymore”, Arianne Huffington of the “Huffington Post” is supposed to have said at the DLD conference in Hamburg. And according to Nathan Blecharczak of Airbnb “technology will become more important in bringing people together.”

Yes, humanity is changing; that is also what the angelic being KRYON, who accompanies us through the time of the great transformation, tells us in many of his messages to Lee Carroll.

„The wisdom barrier is what we have described as “what happens in the energy of Human consciousness when certain attributes occur that are not quantitative but that affect and even change this barrier”. So it’s not about how much or how many. Instead, it’s about other things that will occur within the physics of consciousness that you don’t yet know anything about. But these things must occur in a certain way, a distributed way, not a centralized way, in order to break this barrier. The wisdom barrier is not a wall or obstruction, but a barrier of energy that is waiting to be reached, like the sound barrier was waiting. When the wisdom barrier is reached, it breaks an old paradigm of consciousness, and nothing can be what is was. … 

Humanity has passed a point where it is no longer in survival mode. It has broken the wisdom barrier, and now it has gone into a mode that starts to build the process of getting along. You cannot easily go backwards into a less aware state. It’s a quantum attribute. Think about this – a wisdom that enhances the brains of all humanity to a point where most minds can agree on things that they never even realized before. All this, without actually having it taught to them. Did you hear that? Now, you didn’t expect that. The barrier is broken and out comes “intuitive mature Human thought” for the entire planet.

It surrounds the Human Being in such a way, and Human civilization in such a way, that when a child is born, new maturity becomes second nature – the wisdom of getting along, of tolerance and how to solve puzzles, of Human with Human. It’s called the wisdom barrier. Now, you’re there! And it’s not going to give you fireworks or sparks in the sky. There won’t be a celebration, or toasts, or balloons, except on my side of the veil. All old souls are looking into the very essence of this barrier energy. You are peeking into what makes it work, and you’re about to push the envelope that will affect all of humanity, not just Lightworkers and old souls. You’re about to push the button on physics you didn’t know existed – and it will take time. (“The Physics of Consciousness – The Future Revealed” , Kryon by Lee Carroll, Berkeyley Springs, West Virginia, June 29, 2014)

Do you still think that history repeats itself? That we won’t make any progress in our hamster wheel? Personally, I do not think so because I have experienced and helped to bring about too many positive changes in the past few years. The world is changing and we along with it! I am firmly convinced of it!


photo: sunset in heart hands (c) fotolia.com



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