Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt just went through it, rather recently. Me too, unfortunately. How about you? I am talking about having a project fail, something that is near and dear to one’s heart.

The famous couple Jolie-Pitt made a dream come true for themselves with their romantic drama “By the Sea”– but, surprise – it bombed. Nobody saw that one coming, either. It’s not that they couldn’t take their financial loss in stride, after all they are in good shape moneywise – one of the wealthiest actor couples around (supposedly the movie gobbled up $10 million in production costs and so far has only brought in $1.5 million). But the thing that really must hurt, is the death of a vision, of a dream you cherished.

In my case, it was my project “Punto de Luz” in Mallorca (Spain) that went down the drain a couple of years ago. I had envisioned creating a spiritual center in the heart of Palma, a place that spiritual seekers could call home. My dream was that likeminded people could get together, perhaps do meditation evenings, or had the opportunity to come to special sessions for just themselves if they wanted to do that. There would also be information for pregnant women in need of spiritual support. They would have a chance to discover innovative educational concepts based on spirituality which would benefit the children of the New Age.

Well, long story short – it didn’t work out – all that was left of my grand idea was huge disappointment and a bank account in the red.

Any project you put your whole heart into is like having a baby – in the norm you are very attached to it. But following your calling is not necessarily a guarantee for success, even when you jump over your own shadow to achieve it. So, of course – it hurts. Not only do you invest your money, you also spend a lot of time and energy – not counting the love that you put into it……with what result?

Needless to say I was pondering things quite a bit in those days……why did it turn out to be a failure? Was it the beginning economic crisis that had particularly far reaching effects in Mallorca? Was it simply the wrong time? Or was it also the wrong place – a lack of curiosity in such matters on the part of the people in Mallorca? Or, was my whole concept misconceived? Had I been naïve about it…..???

I never asked my angels for an answer. For some reason, I wanted to deal with it by myself.

Meanwhile I have stopped thinking about it. The heartache wouldn’t go away for a long time though. It had truly been a vision near and dear to my heart. But who knows, maybe the only thing that needed to happen was for the energy of the angels to be transferred to Mallorca in the form of my Angel Symbols and my Angel Essences (and from there to the mainland of Spain and to Latin America). I was lucky to meet exceptional people in the process, people who I can still call my friends and companions today, so whatever was in the clouds for me…….logic isn’t always going to answer your questions.

The important thing is, that, after you get knocked down, you get up again and dust yourself off. Actually, to tell the truth, I am still in the process of dusting myself off and straightening my hat again … not quite there yet….someday I will be…

P.S. In German we say: “Falling down – Getting up – Checking the Crown – Going forward!   photo ©

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