I do not like New Year’s resolutions at all. Because if I want to realign my life, I do not do it at the beginning of a new year, but whenever it feels good and right for me. “Friend Saturn” (he represents structure, order, cutbacks, trials and realignment among other things) has been tugging at me for some years now. My horoscope shows that he has been sweeping across my sun sign Scorpio (whichconstitutes me as a person and character) and is going to cling to my Sagittarius Ascendant this year.

This allows me to redefine myself, reduce some things in my life, clear out and make space for new things, turn on the searchlight and be open to the signals of my soul and my heavenly companions. The relocation at the turn of the year certainly is already a part of this, after all it gives me the opportunity to have a good clear out and to free myself from material burdens (after all the new flat is smaller, another Saturn topic). The next months will show where my journey will lead me and who will participate in this journey or who won’t. Things will certainly remain exciting. All in all, there will be enough for me to do, because the first ideas and impulses are already coming up. It is certainly not going to be boring, with or without Saturn.

I wish all of us a hopeful, fulfilled and happy New Year! Every one of us steers their own ship of life and sometimes it is smart and important to relinquish the wheel to a higher, caring power. Happy New Year!

(Photo © https://www.laclassefrançaise.es/cultura-fr…/…/paris/; VIEW, German edition 12/2015, p. 44 ff)


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