I have been in close contact with the Ascended Master MARY MAGDALENE for a few years now. She constantly imparts to me information about the energies of the New Age, which I share with my readers and members at meetings – i.a. in the form of seminars and meditations – or via books. It was also Mary Magdalene who urged me to enable people who feel a strong affinity for her a spiritual journey to the places in the South of France which are connected with her.

For some time, I have been dreaming of showing those locations to an international group of like-minded people. About 2000 years ago, she arrived there together with children, friends and loyal companions in order to find a home and settle in what to her must have seemed a faraway land.

If you travel through Southern France with open eyes, you can not only find historical sites that are dedicated to her, but much to your surprise you will also notice how deeply Mary Magdalene is rooted in the folk religion of Southern France. For this reason, I have repeatedly set out in order to encounter Mary Magdalene there in many places – both on an energetic and spiritual level. My husband Gerd and I are going to show the most scenically and historico-culturally beautiful places of this region to our seminar group in the course of our Spiritual Journey in spring 2016.

“Realise that you human beings do not necessarily have to follow my historical tracks in order to encounter me. Instead, be aware that I have created a powerful energy field above this region, within which you can establish a strong connection with me!” is one message of Mary Magdalene that I received during one of my stays in Provence. Every single seminar day is going to be under the guidance of Mary Magdalene and one of her companions, and I will daily transmit their messages to the participants in the course of group meditations (in German and English).
In order that our tour group can spend the nights in an especially beautiful atmosphere, Gerd and I have chosen the accommodations personally, and we have also created the travel route ourselves. In the course of the journey, he will tell us about the country, culture and history in order to make the historical places accessible to us. An interpreter will accompany the group for the benefit of English speakers. She is going to assist us in organisational matters and the energetic support of the participants that may be necessary in the course of our journey.

Who is up for it? Who would like to travel with us? We are already looking forward to it!

Enquiries to attend the event.


Click here for details and registration (PDF) » 

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