“The relationships between the members of your families have been changing considerably for some time now, which amongst other things is linked to the worldwide transformation process and the concomitant changes in your society. Many of the old, set structures are finally breaking up now, because they are not in keeping with the time quality and the true needs of the humans.

Since rigid power structures still prevail in some families, the new kind of interaction represents a big challenge for many people. The time has come to learn to see each other affectionately and understandingly and to realise that every family member was born with different abilities and a different life plan. It is not about keeping a consistent facade outwardly, but about supporting each other and showing understanding if someone wants to develop and discover his/her personality and thus does not fit into the former family pattern anymore.

Your children are not supposed to be pressed into a family structure, but you should let them become individual personalities, with all the talents and abilities inherent to them but also with all the learning themes they have brought with them into this life, namely those so-called ‘unpleasant’ characteristics every human being possesses in order to be able to grow with them and to develop humanly and spiritually.

Another important aspect is that family members mirror each other in order to become more aware of themselves either through the others or by their reaction. By doing so, a family member learns to understand himself/herself, to refine himself/herself, but also to experience that they are allowed to be who they are. However, this should not be used as an excuse when someone behaves inappropriately. Therefore, respect each other’s boundaries and deal with each other affectionately.

The time is ripe for you to develop and act on your individuality. After all, diversity is important! A diversity of individuals who live and represent all aspects of divine creation. The time has truly come to realise this. Think of it when you bring up your children or when you do not feel comfortable within the boundaries set by your families anymore. Then it is important to change those boundaries or to redefine them. All of this can take place by means of love and understanding, it does not need aggressions, and it also works without ‘ego games’! The spiritual world is by your side and supports you. You have already made so many positive changes. Just keep on following the path you have chosen!”

Message from the Angel group AKABESH (part 2) © transmitted by Ingrid Auer www.ingridauer.us 

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