Saturday, Oct 4, 2015

Every time I travel to a new country for the first time, I ask myself the following question: “Could I live here voluntarily for at least 1 to 2 years?” Some countries, be they ever so beautiful, get an emphatic NO. I simply do not resonate with them.

In the case of Israel, however, I would definitely have to answer that question with a YES.

I cannot give logical reasons for my answer, after all Israel is a karstic, dry and at the first glance forbidding country, 60 % of which are made up of desert. But still to me Israel has a wonderful, female, protecting, motherly energy, which is why I absolutely want to come back here in order to look at all the places we visited and are still going visit in the course of the Kryon tour once more calmly and take them in for a bit longer.

Of course, our spiritual journey has another focus than mere sightseeing. One can feel very distinctly how the vibrations within the group change and are raised every day. And one can see it in the participants’ faces what changes are taking place inside them.

My personal highlight of yesterday once again was the evening-channelling by Lee Carroll, which took place in the ancient ruins of Nimrod Castle way up in the North of Israel, bordering Libya. The atmosphere was very magical when Deb DeLisi started with a meditation, Anders Holte got us in the mood for Lee Carroll’s channelling with music, yes, and then it was KRYON’S turn with his message. Already his first words: “Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service…” always make my flesh creep. Those of you who cherish and love KRYON as I do know exactly what I mean.

Yes, and among other things we also went to see the Golan Heights, which border Syria. This also was a very impressive and memorable moment for me.

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