“Greetings, my dears, I am Archangel Bariel. I have not come to moralise but to sensitise you. Your Planet Earth has fair amounts of natural resources and food in store for you, everything you need in order to survive or even live carefree. All the people would be provided for and nobody would have to go hungry if you respected, used and distributed the resources of Earth with the appropriate awareness.

But greed, which has a hold on many people, causes material imbalance inside your society and your people. It is fuelled by the mass media that lead you to believe that you can have anything and that only a small or even no return is demanded of you. Only rarely do you think about the fact that with cheap products, for instance clothing articles, there is always someone in the production line who falls by the wayside energetically or financially. Frequently it is women and children, but in many cases also men, who mine raw materials and produce materials for mass production that you get cheap or for free for inhumane wages and often under health-damaging circumstances. Most of it ends up at your waste disposal sites before long.

Energy cannot get lost inside a self-contained system but is converted into other kinds of energy. This is a physical law that everyone of you is familiar with and has understood. What does that mean in connection with your collective greed? Those of you who waste and strip the planet Earth of energy and resources in excess create a vacuum or a deficit in another area in doing so. On the one side products are piled up, and on the other side people are engulfed in misery.

The collective greed for ever more, ever cheaper and if possible free products especially in the highly-developed industrial countries produces adverse effects! This not only manifests itself in an imbalance of giving and taking but also in irreverence towards and lack of respect for the achievements, abilities and the exertions of other people.

On your Planet Earth everything would exist in abundance, and you could live in divine affluence if you were mindful of the appreciation and reasonable use of your resources. Nobody would have to die of hunger and there would be no environmental disasters. Instead, a rash of plastic waste is floating around in the oceans, water contaminated with radiation washes around your coasts and finds its way into your soil via rain. How long this is going to continue? That depends on your change in awareness that gradually gets under way. It is my duty to support you in your human and spiritual development, and therefore I am closer to you than ever before. Together we can make a positive change in the collective mind, I am ever ready to do that. Farewell! I am Archangel Bariel!”


© transmitted by Ingrid Auer

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