“Greetings, we are the ‘Angels for Vigor and Success’! We made ourselves known under this name some time ago, but our cosmic name is an entirely different one. However, we circumscribe it with human words because you would not be able to make sense of our interdimensional names.

You humans associate success with the attaining of defined objectives, certain goals or visible results. But have you ever given thought to the possibility that ‘success’ could also refer to something entirely different? For instance, happiness and contentment? These are two modes of being you can neither enforce nor acquire through work! Of course, you need to make a contribution so that happiness and contentment can be admitted into your life. But how many of you are frequently unhappy and discontent because they have another conception of success?

As soon as you begin to detach the term ‘success’ from material values, you will understand even better what we mean by it. Success can involve having found one’s life task, resting in the core of one’s being or leaving a lightful trace in the lives of others.

Perhaps – from a human point of view – your endeavours are not always crowned with success. But when you consider yourself and your efforts in a bigger context, you will realise that sometimes it already is the encounters with other people, your words and gestures, that affect them and spark off something positive.

Or maybe it is your energy field and your vibrations that transform other people, sites and places energetically. This counts as success as well! Detach yourselves from your too narrow perception and try to perceive your being from a higher plane. Then you will go through life happier and more contented! We support you in doing so!”


© transmitted by Ingrid Auer

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