Only when I was I child I enjoyed exercise! Ever since I am grown up I like to spend most of my time with writing or thinking (besides my spiritual work, of course). The only exercise that I really enjoy is dancing. Once a very professional astrologer discerned that exercise is not really my thing in my horoscope …

And now I am travelling on the Way of St. James VOLUNTARILY, in order to plan a spiritual journey for 2016 together with Gerd. Of course, we chose sections that are scenic and pleasant to walk, probably that is the reason why hiking gave me pleasure today. My head, which is always filled with – what feels like – a thousand thoughts, ideas and visions, became freer and lighter with every step; I actually succeeded not to think about anything at times. This is a very special kind of meditation I would like to keep up in the future as well. At least occasionally 😉

Find more photos here

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