To visit the world-famous castle town Carcassonne is a must for everyone travelling through the Cathar region. 4 million people visit it every year! Although we really liked this incomparable medieval ensemble, we nevertheless were glad when we could leave it behind us together with its touristic bustle and set foot in the heartland of the Languedoc.

We visited the small abbey Saint-Hilaire – which is nestled between rolling hills and vineyards – with its marvellous cloister and the remarkable church, which sheltered the Cathars, who were persecuted by the Pope and his army of mercenaries once. In the stillness of this building we could sense a lot of power and meditate.

Finally, we paid a visit to the charming Marian pilgrimage site Notre Dame de Marceille (near Limoux). Only few tourists come here. The inside is furnished in pastel shades, the ceiling is profusely decorated, which is characteristic for the whole country. Besides the Black Madonna the peculiar statues of Mary Magdalene and Sainte Germaine took our fancy.

Before the delicious supper in our castle hotel, we gathered in the castle’s hall of knights, which is going to serve us as a meditation and seminar room in the course of the next few days. There we watched a documentary on the Holy Grail before we meditated together. I got to transmit messages from Hilarion, Sainte Germaine, Mary and Mary Magdalene. Unfortunately, it started to rain in the evening, which probably means that we will have to change tomorrow’s schedule.

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