„Even though Mary Magdalene has never been to the village of Gordes, because it didn’t exist in her time, it was my heart’s desire to show my group this wonderful place. Aix-en-Provence, where Maximinus was a bishop, is not far from there. The region of Luberon, where Gordes is located, is part of those regions in South France where Mary Magdalene and her companions spread their faith.

After a stroll through the town with its picturesque side streets and old houses, we went to the „La Bastide“ Hotel where our Mary Magdalene Seminar was taking place. In a wonderful seminar room with a view of Luberon, I transmitted live-messages of Mary Magdalene, Easa/Jesus, Sarah Tamar. Saint Germain and the saint patron of the town, Saint Firmin to the group. During the seminar, the participants had the opportunity to recognize and transform blockades and old behavior patterns with the help of the Mary Magdalene Symbols and the symbols oft he Ascended Masters.

Having lunch together on the beautiful hotel terrace was one of today’s highlights. The afternoon and evening were dedicated to relaxation and wellness in our hotel in Gordes. Tomorrow we will continue our journey with a drive through Luberon, because I want to show the group the most beautiful spots of this region

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