Well, the cathedral could have been as beautiful as in the pictures if it had not rained today and the towers of the church had not been covered in scaffolding and tarpaulins due to renovation work. If it were not for the word “if” … we all know that …

Thus, I ventured to adorn my blog with borrowed plumes and took some photos of picture postcards that are intended to show to you how beautiful Santiago de Compostela can be in sunshine (Due to copyright regulations let it be mentioned that the pictures come from www.trianglepostals.com).

In one place inside the cathedral we felt some very strong energies: behind the altar with the statue of St. James a small staircase goes up where one can stand behind it and touch it. Already at the bottom end of the stairway the energy was clearly palpable.

Our first preparatory journey for the spiritual journey 2016 draws to an end today, but a 7-day journey for 20-30 people cannot be organised in such a short time. Therefore, we will return here for a few days at the end of December in order to finish the fine-tuning of our planned journey on and around the Way of St. James. I hope you will join us again!

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