One of the highlights of our spiritual journey in the fall will be a visit to “La Sainte Baume”, the “holy cave” of Mary Magdalene. In order to plan our itinerary and to double-check the infrastructure, we drove to this precious place yesterday. We hiked through a beautiful old forest to the cave, which is situated in a steep rock wall.

Legend has it that Mary Magdalene lived there as a penitent for 30 years and was carried from time to time into the valley by angels. Since we don’t just want to believe this popular belief, we discussed, while hiking up to the cave, how someone would have even been able to survive there 2000 years ago. Mary Magdalene cannot be considered a “regular person”, but instead has to be viewed as a highly enlightened and spiritual figure one can assume that she didn’t just feed off of food, but probably also knew the art of bilocation. She would have been able to feed off of light and could have existed in two locations at the same time.

Many royals and popes, who went to the cave to honor Mary Magdalene or to ask for her help and advice, also used the way we went over the lasthundreds of years. The scenic view from the entrance of the cave makes the long hike worth it and because of the wonderful atmosphere in the cave one can almost feel a holy energy. Even though our approach to Mary Magdalene probably differs from the other people who were praying in the grotto we felt a silent connection with them, as if a soft veil of energy enveloped us all.

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