Color of the symbol: turquoise

Symbol association: heart chakra

Historical figure: apostle and disciple of Jesus

Basic topic: mastership

Affirmation: “I meet God within me.”

Realise by means of this Master Symbol, with which themes you resonate and which feel unpleasant to you, respectively:

Looking for God in the outside – ‘the dear God’ – dependency – feeling small and meaningless – helplessness – responsibility – feeling at somebody’s mercy – heteronomy – transformation process – developing from human to ascended master – insignificance – ‘surpassing’ oneself – being a medium – developing awareness – spiritual development – patience

Message of the Ascended Master THOMAS:

“As long as you look for God in the outside, you will never find him! There is no ‘dear God’, even if you desperately wish for him. God is pure love, perfection, the divine essence of life – no being with male or female characteristics. You are a part of God, you are drops of this divine essence, you are divine! So start to discover the divine inside you, free it from human attributes, and let it shine again. As soon as you have reached this awareness, you will stop looking for God in the outside. Start to walk the path to yourself!”

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