‘Mankind will be different!’ Message from Ascended Master Aurora.

“Greetings, dear ones! I am Aurora. Many people know me as the ‘Goddess of the Dawn’. They believe I am just an ancient mythical figure. The beings your ancestors used to call gods and goddesses are nothing but forms of awareness, or beings located on a higher level than humans. Likewise, with the Ascended Masters they have also developed into very high levels within your universe from where they can accompany mankind through the process of ascension.

You are challenged to keep questioning the image you have of yourself, and people like you, and to develop new views. Much has been said about this topic, but little has been understood. This is because you have been shaped and influenced by your ancestors, and their knowledge, over a long period of time. It will now take some time for you to learn to improve your perception and widen your horizons.

The children of the New Age have come to confront you with new ways of thinking. I literally mean ‘confront’ because some of them are extremely inconvenient for your society. They protest, they challenge you, they do not fit in, and they publicly proclaim their spirituality, even if many of you do not like it. But keep in mind, this is their task and the reason why they have come back – many of them voluntarily – although they have long left the wheel of reincarnation.

You call them by many names: Indigo children, crystal children, star children, rainbow children and dolphin children. It does not really make sense to categorize them like this even though people are used to labeling everything and, everyone in order to be able to classify things with the human mind. Yes, this is a deeply human characteristic which should be gradually shed.

A lot of children of the New Age live exactly how you would like to.  They love freedom, they are individual, curious, spiritual, jolly and carefree. But sometimes they use drastic means to wake you up and challenge you. Then they are inconvenient, stubborn, undisciplined, cheeky and unmanageable. Aren’t these the same characteristics you would like to live out, but do not dare to?

The children of the New Age need adults of the New Age on their side! Yes, this is you! You, who were born and raised in the awareness of the old age. You, who have worked hard to wake up the spirituality inside of yourself. Believe me, your spirituality can neither be activated by your thinking, nor with any sort of exercises. This does not work.

Your children are wise teachers, even if their souls inhabit a child’s body. Let your children take you by the hand and try to look at life through their eyes. Let them guide you, and believe what they tell you. Take them seriously when they talk about the spiritual world because they know what they are talking about. Provide a protective environment for them where they can feel secure, understood and safe because they will be confronted with great hostilities.

This is what I am asking for, this is my message for you!

Together we will change the world, which you are already doing!

I am Aurora!”



No lo niños, sino la sociedad muestra problemas de comportamiento

Un mensaje espiritual de Aurora

“Saludos. ¡Soy Aurora! Hoy tengo un mensaje para vosotros los padres, abuelos y para aquellas muchas personas que dedican su vida a los niños.

Los niños nacen como seres espirituales y traen mucha sabiduría interior a esta vida. ¿Qué sucede entonces? En la escuela, como muy tarde, se les llena de asignaturas, materias y contenidos pedagógicos fundamentalmente orientados hacia lo intelectual. No obstante, esas energías no son coherentes con su estructura del alma, porque no están en armonía con ellos y, a veces, son más un estorbo que una ayuda. No obstante, forzáis a vuestros niños a este patrón de pensamiento y aprendizaje.

Somos conscientes del hecho de que solo algunos de vosotros podéis permitiros enviar a vuestros hijos a colegios privados o alternativos, aunque a muchos os gustaría hacerlo. Pero ¿qué cambiaría realmente si vosotros los adultos no cambiáis vuestra postura respecto al aprendizaje? ¿Qué cambiaría si seguís asociando el aprendizaje con alcanzar objetivos y con el éxito?

Las personas que rinden ganan dinero. Las personas que rinden cumplen las exigencias de la sociedad. Las personas que rinden encuentran valoración y respeto y, por ello, son capaces de alcanzar un cierto estatus. Eso pensáis, ¿no?

Nosotros, los Maestros Ascendidos somos muy conscientes del hecho de que uno no puede vivir del ocio, ya que nosotros también pasamos por muchas encarnaciones en la Tierra. Pero hoy os pido: ¡reflexionad sobre el tema del rendimiento una vez más!

¿Cuán actualizado está vuestro principio de rendimiento?

¿Cuán felices hacéis a los niños con él?

¿Cómo podríais redefinirlo?

¿De qué otra parte podríais extraer vuestra autovaloración, satisfacción, base financiera y vuestra felicidad?

Los Niños de la Nueva Era –vuestros hijos y los hijos de vuestros hijos– traen una serie de valores diferentes a esta vida. Os confrontan al negarse a participar en el principio de aprendizaje y rendimiento establecido. Se les llama ‘inadaptados’ o incluso ‘niños problemáticos o con problemas de conducta’. ¿Cómo describiríais vuestra sociedad orientada hacia los objetivos? ¿Esto no supone también un problema de comportamiento?

Permitámonos revisar el sistema educativo establecido: ¿no es hora de aprender a diferenciar entre los contenidos que son viejos y cargas inútiles y aquellos que son realmente útiles para los niños? No os obsesionéis con el transferir conocimiento tradicional y con la estimulación del intelecto; después de todo, a la sabiduría del corazón esto no debe pasarle factura. ¡Solo ella ayudará a la humanidad a sobrevivir! Vuestros hijos han traído mucho a esta vida. ¡No lo olvidéis! Soy Aurora. ¡Saludos!’’

© Mensaje transmitido por Ingrid Auer


‘Not the children, but society displays behavioural problems.’ A message from Master Aurora

“Greetings, dear ones. I am Aurora! Today I have a message for you parents, grandparents and the many people who dedicate their life to children.

Children are born as spiritual beings, and they bring a lot of inner wisdom into this life. And what happens then? In school, at the latest, they are crammed with primarily intellectually oriented subject matters and learning contents. However, those energies are not consistent with their soul structure, because they are not in harmony with them, and sometimes they are more of a hindrance than a help. Nonetheless, you force your children into this thought and learning pattern.

We are aware of the fact that only few of you can afford to send their children to private or alternative schools, although many of you would like to do that. But what could and would actually change as long as you adults do not change your stance on learning? As long as you associate learning with achievement and success?

People who perform earn money. People who perform meet the demands of society. People who perform meet with appreciation and respect and are therefore able to gain a certain status. That is what you think, right?

We Ascended Masters are well aware of the fact that one cannot live off idleness, because we as well passed through many incarnations on Earth. But what I would ask of you today: Deliberate on the topic of performance once again!

How up-to-date is your performance principle?

How happy do you make your children with it?

How could you redefine it?

From where else could you draw your self-worth, your contentment, your financial basis and your happiness?

The Children of the New Age – your children and your children’s children – bring a different set of values into their life. They challenge you by refusing to participate in the established learning and performance principle. They are called “maladjusted” or even “troublemakers with behavioural problems”. How would you describe your achievement-oriented society? Does it not also display behavioural problems?

Let us revisit the topic of the established school system: Is it not high time to learn to differentiate between learning contents that are old, worthless burdens and such that are actually helpful to your children? Do not fixate on traditional knowledge transfer and the stimulation of the intellect; after all, the wisdom of the heart must not get the short end of the stick. It alone will help humanity survive! Your children have brought a lot of it into this life. Do not forget that! I am Aurora, be greeted!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer