Sometimes you should treat yourself. After a stressful day, feeling lovesick, or a do-yourself-good-day. The following recipe comes from a book [1] which is unfortunately out of print.


_ 10 drops of flower oil, for instance; rose or neroli oil

_ 1 handful of fresh rose petals; or jasmine; or carnations

Put some drops of the essential oil into coconut oil, cream or honey, and mix well. Add the mixture to your bath water. Then scatter the petals on top. This looks romantic, smells wonderful, and creates a joyful mood. Enjoy the time you spend with yourself!

Be aware that essential oils can cause allergic reactions. Try the oil on a spot on your forearm before applying. And make sure that it’s of high quality!

[1] Krahl, Gisela; Riepe, Andrea: Wonnestunden. Reinbeck 1995

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